6 Reasons Emphasizing On Empowered Health Is Substantial

Empowered health is substantial

According to the National Cancer Institute, 80% of all cancers in the United States are diagnosed in people 55 years of age or older. Although age plays a prominent role, lifestyle habits also seem to be just as important. In the United States alone, experts estimate 39 out of every 100 men and 38 out of every 100 women will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime. These figures are drawn from probabilities based on the occurrence of cancer in the general population at present and may or may not include other factors like genetic susceptibility and smoking.

When determining the correct approach to preventative cancer treatment, it is important you follow a few tips to ensure you reduce both yours and your family’s susceptibility to certain types of life-threatening cancers. Listed are 6 ways to help prevent cancer while improving overall health and well-being.

Stay Active

Maintaining a healthy weight is another important factor in both cancer prevention and cancer care. Aerobic exercises, otherwise known as cardio, are among some of the most effective things you can do for protecting both your mental and physical health. Many studies have shown cardio, especially high impact cardio is effective at not only reducing belly fat but also inducing major improvements in metabolic health.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Making healthy selections the next time you’re shopping won’t guarantee you never get cancer in your lifetime, but may certainly reduce your overall chances of contracting certain types of cancers like Breast and Prostate Cancer. Diets rich in plant-based foods like the Mediterranean diet have been shown in numerous studies to help lower the risks of contracting some of the most common cancers.

Avoid Junk Food

Something that’s not mentioned often is the role certain types of junk food play in the growth of cancer cells. Not only is processed junk food unhealthy, but it has also been chemically engineered by manufacturers to trigger pleasure centres in the brain, leading to an increased risk of food addiction. Mostly junk food consists of little to no micro-nutrients or healthy ingredients, providing nothing but empty calories. Whether trying to prevent cancer or trying to reduce the side effects of treatment, avoiding things like refined sugars and high-calorie sweets are essential to maintaining your overall health and well-being.

Don’t Smoke

According to the National Cancer Institute, tobacco is one of the leading causes of cancer. Tobacco use has been linked to many types of cancer, including cancers of the throat, kidney, stomach, bladder, mouth, rectum, as well as certain types of leukemia. Quitting smoking not only prevents your overall risks of contracting these cancers, but it may also reduce the risk of death after diagnosis.

Ensure Daily Intake of Vitamin D3

Most people don’t realize that the Sun is one of the best sources of Vitamin D available. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t get enough, spending the majority of their time indoors. Around 42% of the population is deficient in Vitamin D3, this is why it’s recommended people consider taking vitamin D supplements as an alternative. Positive health benefits linked to Vitamin D include improved bone health, increased strength, and lower risk of cancer.

Stress Prevention

High in antioxidants like hydrocinnamic acid and polyphenols. Coffee has shown to be effective at neutralizing free radicals while preventing oxidative stress. Furthermore, polyphenols may prevent a host of medical conditions like cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Wrapping Things Up

Whether you’re incorporating these strategies as a part of an overall cancer prevention strategy, or using them to counteract the side effects of treatment, avoiding junk food, staying active, eating Whole Foods, and drinking things like coffee, have been shown to improve overall health while reducing the incidence of certain types of cancers in both men and women.

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