3 Reasons Why You May Not Actually Need a New Website

You’re frustrated and fed up with your website. It cost you a lot of time and money to create, but it’s just not working out. It’s time to tear it down and build it again from scratch, right? Maybe not.

You may be able to save your site. Some simple tweaks may unlock new traffic and performance, while they unplug your sales funnel.

So, before you do something drastic like giving up and starting over, ask yourself if one of these 3 things could be holding you back.

Bad Website Hosting

Is your site very slow to load? It may not be the design. It could be poor hosting. Not all website hosting services are created equal. In fact, there is often a stark difference between the service and performance you can expect between a good provider and a bad one.

The bad ones are almost always the cheap or free services. It’s one of the best examples of getting what you pay for. These cheap hosting providers are notorious for slow speeds and frequent downtime.

They may promise that your uptime will be just as good as the more expensive and reputable website hosting companies, but their stats are skewed. There will be times where your site is so slow that it may as well be down, but they still consider that uptime.

The Backend is Weighed Down

Maybe your website starts off fast and lean, but has progressively gotten slower and slower over time. This could be hosting, but it could also be the culmination of things you’ve added to your site over time.

First of all, take a look at all of the plugins you’ve added to the backend. Yes, many of them are useful, but having too many can really slow you down. If you haven’t used it recently, throw it out.

Next, prune your blog. You may have added dozens of blogs over the years and not all of them may have compressed images. This can weigh down the rest of the site. Remove any underperforming or dated blogs completely, while taking a look at the images and multimedia used in the others. If the images are too big, compress them.

A big purge can really speed up your site’s performance.

Your Keyword Strategy Has Gone Stale

If you built your site with no keyword strategy, there is your first problem.

However, it may be just as harmful if you haven’t revisited your keyword strategy in a year or two. Search engine optimization can’t run on autopilot. You need to constantly measure your success to see where your wins and losses are coming from. At the same time, you should also re-run your keyword research about once every year or so to identify new opportunities and new search terms that you should try to own.

Building/ rebuilding a website is expensive. However, upgrading your host is relatively inexpensive. At the same time, auditing your site’s backend and re-running your keyword research will only cost you a bit of time.

The payoff from these activities can be enormous, as your newly optimized website finally starts to produce traffic and earn SEO wins. It will actually run much-better-than-new! 

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