The Best Diets to Try In 2018

Many people fail to stick to a diet purely because they lack commitment. You, on the other hand, have that commitment but are not quite sure what diet you should stick to.

Remember, different diets are for different type of people. It depends on your present condition and the result. Here, we will list a few diets you should try out as well as its purpose so you know which one you should stick to:

Keto Diet

Reducing carbs is a strong element to the keto diet. Since when carbs are consumed, the body will produce glucose and insulin. Thus, this diet attempts to lower this possibility by avoiding carbs. By optimizing ketone, the individual has many benefits, from weight loss to improved mental and physical performance. If this diet seems like a good option for you, the best place to get started is at

Vegetarian Diet

This should come as no surprise to anyone. This is one of the best diets you can ever find. The concept is simple. You don’t eat meat. Your meal will be full of healthy veggies. Of course, they are not enough to sustain you. There are things that meat provides that are not available in vegetables. Generally, you will not feel full when you eat just vegetables. So, you can add other sources of protein or other veggies full of fiber. You can also add whole grains to keep your stomach full.

The DASH Diet

The diet intends to help people with high blood pressure. It is a mix of fruits, whole grains, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and lean protein. If you stick to this diet, minimize salt and avoid sweets, full-fat dairy, some oils, as well as sugary beverages and saturated fat.

The TLC Diet

This diet is perfect for those who have high cholesterol level. The idea of this diet is to cut down on saturated fat. You also need to avoid other food such as butter, cheese, and chicken with skin. You need to top up with vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, and fish.

The Mind Diet

Unfortunately, it is not food for thoughts. Still, it helps your brain. This meal is ideal to prevent neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s. The staple of the diet is berries, nuts, olive oil, and dark, leafy greens.

The Fertility Diet

As the name suggests, it helps women get pregnant. It is one of the easiest diets out there to follow. Basically, you just need to eat more vegetable proteins. Oil, whole milk, and multivitamin with folic acid are also a major part of the diet. Read more information about their diet here:

The Volumetric Diet

If you want to stick to this diet, then avoid dense foods. Foods such as pizza, butter, and cookies have no place in the volumetric diet. Instead, you eat less dense foods. That can be veggies high in water or soups.

The Weight Watchers Diet

This is one of the most famous diet out there. Why? Because it is very easy to tell if you are doing it right. All the other diets just give you estimates. This one, however, tells you exactly the right amount to eat.

It accomplishes that by assigning points to all sort of foods. Your goal is to reach a certain point for each day. You need to get as close to the point goal as possible if you cannot reach the exact point. Sweets have high points, whereas food that is rich in nutrients and filling foods are low on point. With the point system in place, it is very easy to measure if you are overdoing it. You can visit them at

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