How FieldAP Helps offshore oilfield Increase Productivity

There is always a high demand for offshore engineering field development software that allows the team to manage their goals and boost their productivity through their workflow and further collaborations with other oilfield companies. The biggest challenge team face in creating the working strategy right on the ground is that it not only affects the routine work but also doesn’t assure the effectiveness of your new plan. But with the digital migration of your engineering field, you can easily take wise decisions and grow your oilfield business.

The availability of visual data helps the team to make appropriate changes and find all the loopholes that need to be overwhelmed with right steps. For all this virtual field development, FieldAP tool is build that bestows a wide range of traits to make your field operations easy and manage your decisions.

Building Field Layout Modules: Once you start working on this offshore field development software, you will be able to create your own field module via Drag and Drop feature available in the software. You can even replicate the existing layout if you are planning new project on an existing field layout. You can create your oilfield via simple or advanced tools available in the software. You can take care of real-life parameters like length, size, height, etc while building your engineering field layout.

Huge Element Library: The virtual field software encompass a huge asset library to create any sort of field layout. There are numerous structures, design elements that make it possible to make an all-new design or replicate the existing field layout. he smart asset library contains all information including costing, interconnections, etc. There are many pre-built templates too, that can be inherited to save your time and efforts.

Use Drag & Drop Feature: The easiest part of using the offshore field development software is its drag and drop feature. You have a completely user-friendly user interface. You can easily drag the elements from asset library and add them to your design. You are even provided with dragging multiple elements at one time and moving it to other parts of the virtual field. You can have a 3D visualization of the field and manage the elements according to your planning.

Project Dashboard Feature: There is a centralized dashboard that presents you the entire list of Projects you are permitted to access. The administrator of entire project list can assign the projects to a specific team and can even change the project level.


Real-Time Collaboration: You can easily discuss your designs and operations with your team in real time. The virtual presentation of your field allows your team to collaborate hassle free. Once the project is accessible, you can even understand it and execute the same on the ground.

Your team always look forward to omitting the existing loopholes and find a remedy. As a result, the FieldAP offers you find all the loopholes through the virtual representation of your field and its entire workflow. The digital oilfield software will enable you to manage existing resources and take right decisions for business growth.


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