The Importance of FieldAP to Digitize Oil and Gas Company’s Data

Oil and gas industry is a big business and large volumes of companies’ data are saved every day. To make things easier, there is a multifunction software to digitize and store the data safely. The FieldAP offshore engineering software from FutureOn is such a good solution and find out more about the application here.

How the Digitized Data Work for Your Oil and Gas Company?

With the digitized data, there are a lot of benefits that the business owners could enjoy. The digitized data could help the company to increase safety performance, reduce costs for offshore drilling, boost the company’s revenue, and safer for the environment since it produces less carbon footprint. But, how the digitized data will work for your company?

  1. Help to Create More Profitable Decisions

Unlike the project plannings with conventional methods, the cloud-based technology used in the FieldAP will enable the users to bring real-time data to the plain sight by using visualization of 3D or 2D. In this way, the users can have the real view of what their project planning will be. Thus, the project makers can create forward-thinking to reach prompt and meaningful decisions.

  1. Innovation with Rapid Track

To build an oil and gas company, it is needed disciplines from those involved in the ecosystem in using the data collected from various systems. The visualized and digitized data will make it possible for them to deepen and strengthen collaboration between the project managers and engineers. This is possible to happen since they can work together in the real time of the same data pool. Not only that, the real time of the same data pool also offers innovative solutions, transparency, and better safety performance.

  1. Create More Revenue Opportunities

Data digitization plays a significant role in opening up new business opportunities. This is because the digitized data will make it possible for those involved in this industry are able to find out new ways to deliver gasoline products to customers.

Why Choosing the FieldAP Software from FutureOn?

FieldAP software developed by FutureOn comes with digital oilfield solutions and makes it the first real and global collaborative device specially addressed for energy companies. The software will make it possible for the companies to advance their business. The digital oilfield solutions provided by the software for the oil and gas companies are:

  1. The application allows the energy companies to merge the capabilities of their IT digitally. In this way, they will be able to create engineering and visual design that will disrupt the increase of the engineering workflows that have been outdated.
  2. The tool will make it possible for the oil and gas companies to adapt to their new surroundings

naturally. This is because the software can change things to meet the realities of the environment in which harsh offshore works often occur.

  1. The tool also works to provide better works of insights. This is done by conducting smart working by using digitized data. In this way, there will be better results that the companies can gain.

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