5 Incredible Ways to Bond with Your Baby

Your baby is finally in your arms, you feel woow as you cradle her. This is a joyous moment for every mother. You find yourself overwhelmed with joy and happiness. The next thing is to know how to bond with your baby.

First of all what is bonging?
Bonging is the strong connection that parents develop with their baby. This strong connection makes parents to want to shower their baby with love and friendliness and to shield and care for their little one. Bonding also makes parents to wake up in the midst of the night to feed their hungry baby and pay much attention when their baby cries. Remember crying is the only signal that a baby can give to their parents to pass a massage of what they want or how they are feeling. During this moment of bonding, many parents find themselves with the urge to by Unique Baby Shower Gifts for their infants or for their friend’s babies.

Different parents have different stages when it comes to bonding with their babies. For some, bonding begins in the womb, for some, it happens immediately at birth.  Some parents can take a few days for them to settle down enough so as to start the bonding process, some may even take a bit longer for the bonding process to begin.

For some parents, it becomes too difficult to bond with their infants. What a parent needs to know is that you are not alone, other parents also share these feelings. There are various reasons why you might feel an inability to bond with your new baby, but you should not think that you will have these feelings forever. Bonding between you and your new baby from the early days of infancy can help build trust and security.

This article provides you with ways you can create a strong bond with your babies.

  1. Allow skin to skin contact with your baby

You need to spend ample time during the very early days after your baby is born letting skin to skin contact. Touching your baby is a great way to bond with your newborn baby. Study has found skin to skin contact helps babies by regulating breathing, stimulating digestion, regulating body temperature and stimulating feeding behavior. This therefore, helps the mother of the baby to feel relaxed which leads to stimulation of the hormones of breastfeeding. Therefore, as a parent ensure you allow skin to skin contact to facilitate bonding with your baby.

  1. Your voice

A baby can recognize your voice from his time in the womb. If you pay attention, you will realize that even at just a few hours old, your baby will turn his head to you whenever he hears your voice. Your voice’s sound can be helpful and enough to soothe your baby when he cries. Therefore, try chatting with your baby every day.

  1. Breastfeed your baby as much as you can

This is very important. Remember your newborn baby cannot tell whether he is hungry. You should always check his facial expressions and body language. Ensure you shower your baby with nourishment and attention to help your baby learn how to trust and be comforted by you. If you are not able to feed that is if you are a male parent, you can use bottle feeding methods as an opportunity to bond in the same manner. At this time of feeding is where you can touch your baby as well as talk to him. In fact mealtimes are the perfect time to bond with your newborn baby. Always feed your baby as often as he indicates he would like to. As you breastfeed him, maintain an eye contact with your baby.

  1. Pay attention to your baby

Always pay close attention to your baby’s facial expressions and reactions to enable you to become an expert on what your baby likes and what he dislikes. Observe how he feels when you do something, like when you sing how does he responds? Does your song make him happy? Ensure you teach him what you like and what you dislike.

  1. Massage your baby and understand his needs

This is also an incredible way to promote bonding and closeness with your baby. You can do this frequently. Massaging also makes him baby sleep. Another important thing is to respond to your baby’s needs.

There are more ways beyond the list above that can help you bond with your baby. You should always pay attention to what your baby likes most when you are together and ensure you practice so as to promote the bonding and closeness.

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