Best Shopify Apps for Personal Interactions with Customers

Shopify apps for customer interaction

One element that makes today’s online shopping platforms standout is chatting, and Shopify apps are now available in growing numbers to provide more personal experience for customers, just like what you do when chatting with someone. Personal conversation apps allow closer, more open interactions with your customers, allowing them to feel more connected with you and more than willing to promote your brand, become loyal customers or frequent buyers, and even give honest criticism without being seen in public (some people can give more sincere criticism if they can do it privately).

5 Shopify Apps to Have for Customer-Buyer Interactions

Do you know that Facebook Messenger can now be connected to online shops through app? And do you know that famous website Buzzfeed has now allowed its readers to share content through Whatsapp? You should join this growing rise of personal messenger trend by adopting chatting app for your Shopify store.

Here are 5 Shopify apps you can use to make chat or personal messenger available for your store, and with features that will make customers happy:

Quick Facebook Live Chat

Yes, this is the app that we talked about. Quick Facebook Live Chat is now available in app that you can put on your store. You can embrace millions of worldwide customers that are already on Facebook, and they can immediately visit your Facebook page if you have one. The app is also free.


This app allows you to install access to Whatsapp chat right on your store. One of the fastest growing Shopify apps, WhatShare uses customers’ high engagement level with Whatsapp not only to chat, but also to help spreading your brand through more personal, albeit widespread way. The app is free.


This app gives super interactive experience, just like when a customer walks into a store and approaches customer service to ask about something. With $12 per month for this app, you can do many things that free chat app cannot do, such as seeing what the customers type so you can immediately looking for solution even before they hit “Send.”


One of the most popular Shopify apps, Shopkey makes you able to manage the store directly using smartphone keyboards. This is a convenient app that allows you to handle all aspects of your store, including interacting with customers, without having to open multiple apps and do multiple steps. This also makes your sales workflow better. Shopkey is free.


Zopim is available in both free and paid version ($20), with the paid version is of course more complete than the free one. Zopim has an advanced analytic system that will give you information about what the customers currently seeing, discussing, or having interest in when it comes to your shop. The app also has tools for advanced messaging to create higher responsive element with your customer-buyer interaction.

Many of these apps can be used together, so you can really improve your customers’ experience and interaction with you as a Shopify store owner. Make sure to consider these Shopify apps next time you want to improve your customers’ experiences.

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