9 Useful Apps For Responsible Parents

Living in a digital area means that we are open to endless of possibilities and us as parents should be aware the benefits and risks this bring to our children. Applications have become part of their growing. You will be amazed how children use the phones while you thinking about the time you were in their age.

Today are a plethora of apps that can make things easier for parents whether it may be to track your kid and monitor what he/she is doing when you aren’t around or finding a playdate for your toddler. Literally, there is an app for everything and in this post, we will share a list of the top best apps you as a new parent should be aware of.


1 – RedRover: 

This app has changed the way playdates are formed. It’s a location-based app and also has its own private social network. The goal of the app is to help parents connect with each other, people in the community, and help to find places that are kid-friendly such as restaurants, museums and so on. The app feature a location sharing and you can share on facebook and twitter as well. The best of all: this app is for free.


2 – Net Nanny

Even though we live in an area where with just a single device such as a smartphone or laptop we can access almost everything still there is a way to censor what your kids can see via their device. There is a fantastic app called Net Nany that filters the content your child can access. It has three different settings that block por*ography, nudity, gore, death and mature content. So just install the app and rest because your kid will be safe and secure.


3 – Snap Secure

Every parent is worried about their children especially when letting them to school, a friend’s house, alone at the park or any other place when they can not be safe. There is an app called Snap Secure and helps a parent’s mind be at peace. Basically, what this app do after it is installed on the child’s phone, it sends the location of the child all the times. The app has many features and among them, there is the ability to set “safe zones”. You can mark places such as school, parks or house as safe and if the child leaves this area and alert are immediately sent to parent’s phone.


4 – Spy App

If your child has got a new smartphone it’s highly recommended you should use a spy app to monitor then. According to stats, 45% of children are victims of cyberbullying so you as a parent should be careful and monitor them. Finding a good spy app is pretty easy. Depending on what you want to do you can easily find apps that monitor all the phone’s options or simply apps that monitor just chat apps such as WhatsApp spy app. Children may use the chatting apps and because of their sincerity they can be easily cheated and someone can get personal information from them.


5 – A Family Matters

I consider this as the perfect app for a happy family. The app is designed to connect families through meaningful communication via engaging funny activities. While on the road, kids and parents can choose from hundreds of location-focused activities. They include a wide-range of questions thought-provoking to help kids build confidence. This app is designed especially to help on long family trips, waiting at an airport, at a restaurant, or even to encourage more engagement at the table.


6 – Alarm.com

Alarm.com is a home security app that makes possible to monitor your home while you’re not there and also controls all the devices connected to it. You can access it from every smart device such as Android, Apple iPhone or iPad and even a smartwatch. The features of the app include; live videos, instant alerts when something happens, create and manage custom alerts and schedules.


7 – Cozi

Cozi is one of my favourite apps. It is an award-winning organisation app for families. Cozi is very handful to keep track of basically everything, appointments, schedules for lessons, shopping list and much more. Some of the features of Cozi includes; it allows you to create and share lists, store different recipes, help with it by adding ingredients to your shopping list and many other features.


8 – iKeepSafe BeAPro Parent App

iKeepSafe’s BeAPro Parent App assesses your household and identifies where gaps in attitudes and behaviour exist. Then it offers targeted resources to help parents communicate with and educate their children and teens to promote technology health and safety. It provides robust educational resources to guide you in promoting safety. The app is developed by experts such as child psychologists, prosecutors and defence attorneys.


9 – OurPact

OurPact is a cool app that teaches responsible and safe digital citizenship through tools that enable parents to set time limits on smartphone use, block apps, create schedules, and reward the teen with extra time when they deserve it. OurPact helps parents to balance the risks and rewards of mobile technology. It can block social media access, block apps, schedule device use, and even create an agreement with your teens.


Basically, these were the apps we have chosen to share with you in this article. If you think we have missed something, please feel free to write in the comment section below and share your thoughts and even your favourite apps.


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