Why Going Online is the Best Way to Purchase and Sell Refurbished Devices?


Somewhere within we all crave for high-end smartphones but often end up settling for mid-range devices courtesy the exorbitant price tags on display. While there are a few customers who are still willing to shell out those additional bucks for getting hold of say, an iPhone X or Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9— a majority of the population looks for certain deals and offers for fulfilling their wishes of owning a premium device. There are times when eCommerce websites offer humongous sales on certain products, during certain occasions but mostly it’s an ungainly market for those who are seeking feature sets, quality, and brand name— all at once.

How to Solve the Price Conundrum?

At the first glance, installments and exchanges look like the most feasible options for getting hold of a premium device without having to pay it all. While, installments are quoted at the discretion of financial service providers, exchanges hardly fetch the desired device value in this keenly contested market. Therefore, the best solution would be to purchase used or rather refurbished devices for experiencing the functionalities and brand value on offer. Put simply, refurbished devices aren’t something one needs to feel bad about. Instead, these are still some of the most sought after devices with minor manufacturing glitches taken care of.


What does ‘Refurbished’ stand for?

The term refurbished is often confused with used or pre-owned devices with both used sparingly in discussions. However, both these terms differ quite considerably with refurbished devices attracting extremely higher mobile resale value. Put simply, any device that has been sent back to the manufacturer or even the third-party seller on account of a minor or major manufacturing issue can be sold back into the market as refurbished, provided the issue is taken care of. Refurbished smartphones, also termed as reconditioned or recertified gadgets are as good as new and fetch higher values as compared to the conventional used mobile phones. That said, even a used mobile phone that has been checked and corrected for issues can also fall under the refurbished category, provided the reseller, customer, or the stores take care of the minor manufacturing faults.

Online Vs. Offline Avenues

The global refurbished smartphone market is growing in leaps and bounds with the reasons being the proliferation of both offline and online stores, supporting resale-specific activities. While the offline stores showcase a decent set of options, online counters come forth with an extended conglomerate of devices for the customers to choose from. When it comes to comparing the usefulness of online and offline avenues for purchasing refurbished devices, the former wins hands down courtesy a better set of choices to rely upon. Moreover, some of the online stores like Togofogo also have separate counters for even selling back old devices where the concerned firm fixes the technical issues in order to sell them back as recertified gadgets.

What Pointers to Consider?

Now when it has been established that stores like Togofogo and SellnCash are better bets for those who want to buy and sell old mobile online, the customers need to be mindful of certain important pointers before proceeding further:

  1. Buyers need to purchase gadgets from reputable sellers, precisely by looking at the reviews, warranties, and other important aspects.
  2. As mentioned in the previous pointer, buyers must carefully check out the tenure of the warranty on a refurbished device as there are certain third-party providers who shy away from offering this additional perk.
  3. A seller who is looking to get a good deal on his or her used mobile phone must carefully check the payment schemes before finalizing the deal.
  4. The fine print needs to be checked, well in advance as certain companies do not entertain refunds or returns once a refurbished device is sold.
  5. The model number also need to be given a look as third-party sellers often find it hard to make new and upgraded devices available to the customers.

While at any point of time a seller is trying to get a good deal on the used smartphone, a buyer is also looking to get hold of a premium device. Therefore, it is important that reliable online counters are identified for completing both these requirements with seamlessness. That said, people concentrate way too much on purchasing refurbished gadgets from reliable online stores and in the process often ignore the aspect of selling. Reliable online startups like SellnCash offer the best deal on used mobile phones and even provide doorstep pickup services for simplifying things for the seller. With the popularity of used mobile phones increasing with each passing day, it is evident that the refurbished smartphone arena is going to evolve further, especially in the years to come.




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