4 Great Lessons on Online Marketing from Super Bowl Event

Online marketing inspired from Super BowlFireworks go off as the Seattle Seahawks win following the Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on February 2, 2014. The Seattle Seahawks whipped the Denver Broncos 43-8 in the first Super Bowl held in a cold weather site. UPI/Dennis Van Tine

Not everyone in the US is huge about Super Bowl (and people outside the US usually have little interest), but this is an undeniably popular event that gives online marketing great platform. Even before the actual games begin, weeks before Super Bowl will show you massive amount of online engagements, such as brand promotion, creative ads, and viral marketing. Many memorable ads, Facebook and Twitter posts, and viral videos have gained massive engagement level among public through Super Bowl, with various strategies.

If you have an online store or business, you can learn from various successful viral marketing, ads, and campaign stories from Super Bowl, even if you do not watch the game itself.

Online Marketing Tips from Super Bowl Examples

Viral marketing makes a new and growing trend in bringing brand awareness, and there are many unexpected ways public can turn a seemingly mundane or non-specific thing into trend. Here are 5 great lessons from Super Bowl viral marketing and trend you can copy for your own successful online marketing:

Using humor as an effective engagement tool

Humor may sound like unusual business strategy, but people on the internet love good humor, and a particularly good joke can go around for weeks and even months. Humorous posts or pictures are great ways to create engagement or promote brand without you looking like trying too hard. Using Super Bowl viral marketing trend as example, Arby’s and Quaker Oats turned Pharell’s Grammy picture with a tall hat into one-line jokes that were quickly Retweeted by thousands.

Grabbing opportunities fast

Super Bowl 2013 was marred by a blackout, but Oreo quickly seized that disaster and turned it into promotional opportunities. Creating a slogan called “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark” and spread the promotional image through Twitter, Oreo managed to create online engagement and 15,000 Retweets in just 30 minutes. A good online marketing manages to see misfortune or unexpected situations into a chance for promotion.

Creating engagement through polling

People love online engagement, especially if it is a part of popular event, because it gives them a sense of involvement with the convenience of internet and social media. Polling is a quick way to achieve that feeling of involvement, and if your business is related to the event (like your sport gear shop business can be related to Super Bowl), you can turn the event into a chance to do polling. The polling can be either just-for-fun that will make people engaged, or actual business polling that you can use to analyze trend among customers.

Using hashtags

Hashtags are now everywhere, not just on Twitter. Hashtags give opportunities to create huge online engagement, from dialogues to viral marketing. You can either “hijack” popular hahstags to promote your own brand, or create a cool and potential hashtag that people will find interesting. The examples are numerous during the Super Bowl and other big events.

Remember, a good business owner sees opportunities everywhere. Even if you do not enjoy Super Bowl, you must remember that huge events like that are great opportunities to get audiences and engagement for online marketing, so open your eyes and ears widely toward trends to boost your business.

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