Everything To Know About Alcohol Addiction

Drinking alcohol does give you joy, there is no doubt about that. However, it is only a good habit if it is kept under control. Alcohol addiction is a big problem in our society right now. Statistics show that more than 85% of people have drunk alcohol at some point in their life, now that also includes people who only drank alcohol once. However, after further studies, it was found that more than 25% of these people engage in binge drinking. These statistics are enough to show that alcohol is a big part of our lives, and it can prove to be fatal if it turns into an addiction.

If you are someone who is suffering from alcohol addiction and you know it, then you might want to consider Apson Ridge recovery to get out of it. If you are someone who is worried about their alcohol consumption and are figuring out if their cravings are more than just cravings, this might be the article for you. We will give you crucial information regarding alcohol addiction and help you figure out if you need help or not. Here is everything to know about alcohol addiction.

What is alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a disease that causes severe cravings for alcohol in a person causing that person to consume alcohol in an unhealthy fashion. Many scientists have tried focusing on alcoholism as a cause of certain genetics, particular sex, or even race but these factors have nothing to with it. 

Alcoholism is a disease and should not be considered any less. You can’t just go to a person with alcohol addiction and tell them to tough it out. It has been found that the disease can cause changes to the brain and also its neurochemistry. This renders the person with alcohol addiction to be not in control of their actions.

There are many types of addiction that you can see in a person. Alcoholism is not only for people who drink heavily every day but a person who binges drinks every few days will also be considered in the category. No matter how their drinking habits are, if a person is relying heavily on alcohol for their proper functioning, then it will be the cause of addiction.

Symptoms of alcohol addiction

Although you might think alcohol addiction is easy to figure out, it is quite difficult to do so for the person going through it. Alcohol is widely accepted in our society unlike illegal drugs, which makes it all the more difficult for a person to figure out if a person is just enjoying themselves or if they have a real problem. Here are some of the symptoms you should look out for:

  • Drinking alcohol frequently is the most common symptom of all. You may think that you are drinking because of the events that happened this week, however, if the same stretches on for many more days, it could be a symptom.
  • High tolerance for alcohol is another big symptom. Someone who is regularly drinking alcohol tends to lose their hangover symptoms. This is because their body gets used to the alcohol being inside.
  • Drinking at inappropriate times. If you find yourself drinking first thing in the morning, or after every office day, in public places, then you might be addicted to alcohol.
  • An alcohol addict will crave to be at a place where there is lots of booze. The situation will be reversed if they have to be at a place with no alcohol. If you feel like that has been your mood lately, then it might be a good time to get diagnosed.
  • If you need to hide your alcohol because you are drinking somewhere you shouldn’t be. Hiding the fact that you have been drinking. All these signs point to someone who is hiding their bad habits.


Alcoholism is a difficult disease but it is something that can be treated with careful treatment and medication. Apart from having mental issues it has a huge impact on your physical health as well. If any of the symptoms that we mentioned match your habits, then it might be time to figure everything out. The earlier you figure out the problem, the easier it will be for you to get back up from it.

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