Top 5 Best Batik in Malaysia:

Top 5 Best Batik in Malaysia

The term ‘Batik’ is an Indonesian-Malay word that means ‘drops.’ It has come to be used as a generic term, which refers to the technique- covering areas of cloth with a dye-resistant substance, wax, to prevent them from absorbing colors.  Malaysian Batik is batik textile art in Malaysia. It rarely depicts humans or animals because Islam norms forbid animal images as decoration.

The Batik offers possibilities for artistic freedom as patterns are applied by actual drawing. Another factor in its popularity is that it is so durable.
Batik in Malaysia, the pattern is larger and simpler; it seldom uses canting to create intricate patterns.

Batik doesn’t always have to look traditional:

Batik is part of Malaysian culture and its identity throughout Malaya and Malaysia’s history as we know it today. Batik’s production has been reworked and updated until the point of stamping with the wax directly onto cloth.

For Malaysians, Batik is something like wearing your heart on your sleeves. And it’s not as easy as you’d think to find ready-to-wear batik designs around Malaysia! Luckily, 5 top brands in Malaysia specialize in Batik as they marry tradition with modernity. Here are five that have our hearts:


The founder of this Batik is Franki Turner, and she began her brand in 2014. This Batik aims to build a working community by creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged crafters in remote areas to continue to create traditional works of art—this brand purchases textiles at fair prices either directly from the weavers or through NGOs that represent them. uses traditional textile motifs such as Ikat, Batik, Songket, Tenun, and Rangrang. These elements are synonymous with the signature statement of a Frankitas and will always remain its ethos.

The founder of this brand aims to build a sustainable community of weavers in Asia and beyond – to preserve the art of tradition and heritage and impact different marginalized communities by working alongside them.

Batika :

Batika is a Malaysian based brand specializing in traditional wear. This Batik was born in 2012 by Noorul-Hudaa Abdul-Rahman. Her Indonesian mother inspired her, Hudaa wants to bring back a tradition slowly taken over by fast fashion.

Batik’s designs are unique to anything in the market, preserving the heritage that never goes out of style.

Malay and Indonesian folkloric women inspire this brand; Nusalaut symbolizes forgotten stories of the past.

Brava Batik:

The founder of this Batik, Raz Bahari, is a transgender woman from a Malaysian heritage. She launched her brand with three reversible dress designs. At the age of 31, Raz Bahari decided to live her life authentically and began her journey as a conservative Malaysian woman. 

 She was born as her way to show her pride in her identity, culture, and heritage as a transgender woman, trapped not only by strict customs but archaic law forbidding transgender expression. The fabrics of this Batik are sourced from Terengganu and Kelantan locally, as well as from Indonesia.

Batik Boutique:

Batik Boutique is a name that is familiar to many people after proudly winning the MaGIC Amplify Award for Social Enterprises. This Batik was founded with a mission to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Malaysia, training and working with low-income and rural families locally. 


Fern founded this brand after she won the Fashion Pitch 2013 by MyCreative Ventures in Malaysia. This batik creations feature mostly resort wear designs with all the right accessories to go with them.  FERN has also FERN unveiled its revamped flagship boutique in Bangsar Village II.

Fern had always loved art and painting. Fern developed a keen eye for the complexities of nature from her late father, who often brought home unique plants and rocks that he stumbled upon in the outdoors.

She was a true nature lover. Fern is focused on designing beautiful batik pieces that make people look good, feel good, and share her love for the art, regardless of demographics.


The Malaysian government is endorsing Malaysian Batik as a national dress to every level of the general population by having local designers create new batik designs that reflect Malaysia’s idea. Batik is the most famous and loved dress for the Malaysian people. The best top 5 batiks in Malaysia have been listed above

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