5 Tips That’ll Definitely Make Your Beauty Salon Stand Out

Opening and running a beauty business can be a highly rewarding and profitable experience. However, it is also highly competitive — you will be competing with both national brands that can offer ongoing sales and low prices and other locally-owned shops with their followings. You will need to make sure that you stand out from the rest and that you build a clientele that will be loyal to you as you grow your business.

Here are five tips to make your beauty salon extraordinary.

1. Sell high-quality products.


Spend time researching and experimenting with different products. The products you use in your salon and sell to your clients will be the foundation of your business because they will have a noticeable impact. You can be the best hairdresser in the country, but if you are using a cheap conditioner that leaves your client’s hair feeling grimy, they are not going to return to your salon for service. Your customers will see the products you use and sell as a reflection of your brand’s quality, so using high-quality products is vital.

2. Provide absolute comfort.


The beauty business is all about making the customer feel good about themselves and their experience. The more lavish and luxurious you can make the experience feel, the more likely you are to grow your repeat business. When planning out your salon and buying equipment and supplies, you need to keep your target audience at the forefront of your mind. Some of the items you will need to purchase are salon chairs, a hairdryer, a shampoo bowl, dye station, and furniture for your waiting room. Your goal with every purchase should be both functionality and comfort. You want to get the nicest furniture and equipment you can within your budget. Buying a fancy looking shampoo bowl might not seem like a big deal, but when your clients want to feel pampered, even the smallest details matter.

3. Focus on online sales and options.


Giving your clients the option to buy products, gift certificates, or swag online will promote your brand, cater to their needs, and increase the perceived value of your company. Setting up eCommerce POS integration will allow you to expand your brick-and-mortar business online. Offering products online will grow your business to new customers, but also give your current customers additional options. Being able to sell your products online will allow you to build your brand on a grander scale, which will have a positive impact on both sides of your beauty business.

4. Offer unique services.


Offer additional services that other beauty salons in your area don’t. Additional services may include tanning, waxing, eyelash application, henna tattoos, or anything else that you think will set you apart from your competition. You will be competing with national chains, which typically offer standard services at a lower price than you can offer. You will also be competing with other locally-owned businesses. Don’t be afraid to check out what services other local places are offering to help you think outside of the box. You can also go online to see what styles and services are trending for ideas of what services clients may be inclined to purchase.

5. Create an online community.


Visual content is king when it comes to online marketing and social media communities. The more videos and images you can get out, the more people will get to know you. Stay active on social media, engage with your audience, and keep your website updated. Take before and after shots of your clients and advertise your special events and sales. Create a robust, engaged online community can be a lot of work and require a serious time commitment, but it can pay off in tremendous ways as your following grows and your acquisition costs go down.

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