Decorating Tips to Wake Up Your Interiors

It may seem easy to freshen up your home with a beautiful bunch of flowers or a scented candle, but these enhancements are only temporary and not something you can truly rely on for a consistently fresh feel. With so many different decorating tasks to be done around the home, it’s amazing how quickly the smallest of changes can transform your home and bring your interiors to life. From simple color changes to a shift in style, you can create a warm, welcoming, and most importantly fresh atmosphere within your home whilst maintaining the overall character. 

Something New

Adding something completely new to your décor is guaranteed to make space feel much fresher. A one really simple and easy change is to introduce some new door handles. You’d be surprised just how much of an impact door handles and other touches such as electrical sockets and switches can have an impact on a room’s atmosphere, but once bringing a new eye-catching finish into your home you won’t look back. If you’re not entirely sure about which door handles you want to go for, try switching up one room first to see how you get on, then once happy you can start to make changes to other rooms in the home and before you know it you’ll have beautifully bold door handles in every room. Have a look online at retailers such as GJohns to find a wide selection of different door handle designs, to find the right style to suit your existing décor, as it’s important to invest in a style that’s going to compliment your home and fit right in. 

Fresh Paint

From the walls through to the banister, there are so many areas within the home that can benefit from some fresh paint. You may never have even considered painting the banister or windowsills, but once you’ve added a new color to space, you’ll notice a huge transformation. Choose an area in the home that feels a little dull and bring a fresh lick of paint to really wake the space up, you’ll be amazed at the results. It’s often worth purchasing a few samples with different colors and shades, to give yourself an idea of which color will work best and you can find some great color samples online at Crown Paints before going on to make any large changes to your décor. 

Updating Wooden Flooring

Having wooden flooring in the home can sometimes create a darker, slightly dull feel if not presented properly. Wooden flooring has so much to offer, with stunning textures and unique tones that bring so much character and personality to your home, but you want to ensure they bring a fresh, inviting feel too. If your wooden flooring is starting to make your home feel dull, now is a great time to give them a good sanding down and polish, to bring life back to the wood and create a stunning aesthetic. Giving your wooden flooring a good shine will really help to wake up your interiors and this useful guide will help you perfect that shine and add a chic touch to your home.

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