Top Free ways to Make Money Online

There are lots of ways to make money online. Although some are paid and some are free but in this article, I will discuss some of the free ways to earn money online.

As the word online shows, that you have to work online to earn money, so you need following things.

  1. Internet Connection
  2. Computer
  3. Paypal or Bank account

How to Make Money Online?

Now, I will discuss some of the top free ways to make money online. Let’s start learning them without wasting any time.

  1. YouTube

It has become one of the biggest sources of earning money online without Investment. On YouTube, you have to setup a channel by uploading videos and then you can earn from these videos by monetizing them through Adsense.

2.Data Entry Jobs

There are many companies which are offering data entry jobs for free. In this type of Job, you have to type captchas. Most of the companies pay around 1 to 2$ for 1000 captcha solving. But rates could vary from company to company.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Another very popular source, there are tons of companies which are offering affiliate programs. You just have to join them and then bring sales through your affiliate links. You will get the commission for each sale you made through your affiliate link.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is also a very good source to earn dollars. Here you have to create your blog on a specific niche and then you have to bring traffic to your blog by doing SEO. When your blog gets good amount of traffic then you can also like YouTube monetize your blog with Adsense or any other pay per click programs.

  1. PTC Site

PTC or pay to click sites are also a very good source of making money online. You have to watch the ads to earn money. Some of the best Pay to Click sites are Neoobux and Clixsense. Let me tell you one thing the success in PTC sites is only through referrals. So try to bring as many referrals as you can under your referral link. You can earn good passive income from these sites.


I hope you have liked the article and I am sure that these ways help you to earn money online free at home. If you liked the article, share it with your friends.

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