Solar companies improve the economy, create jobs, and decrease the cost of electricity bills. A company invests in renewable energy resources and protect the environment from waste and pollution. Among many companies, Semper Solaris is the best solar power installation company founded on 9 March 2012 in San Diego, California. It is a reliable construction company in Frenso. Kelly Shawhan and John Almond are the founders of the company.

Company Motto

Semper Solaris’ motto is to provide loyal, full duty, integrity, honor, and selfless service to dealers. The company was made on military values. The company is inspired by the “always faithful” motto of the Marine Corps. Company deals with solar power.

Company Services             

The company offers the following services to dealers:

  • Solar Panels

 The company offers the best options for solar panels that match the need of customers.  Solar panels Fresno convert sunlight and generate electricity because these are photo-reactive panels. Photo-voltaic solar panels are common solar panels. In the past few years, solar panels have become more reliable, efficient, un-remarkable, and provide service in renewable energy usage.


Sunlight is absorbed by solar panels. Then sunlight is converted to direct current. Then DC electricity is sent to the solar inverter that converts DC into Alternating Current. So, alternating current is used to power the houses. Samper Solaris install the solar panels by their experts. Solar energy is efficient, clean, and simple.

  • Roofing

Semper Solaris offer solar panel installation and roofing at the same time. Both roof and solar panels will have the same lifespan if fixed at a time. It reduces the time of double maintenance. The roof of the house should be beautiful. It is the more expensive part. The company provides the best options of roofs to the customers that match the house’s needs. Roofs must be durable and long-lasting. A new roof along with solar panels reduce the cost of bills.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning

The company offers energy-efficient, flawless, and military grades heating and air conditioning that pair exactly with the solar panels of the house. They provide reliable options that meet every customer’s need. When a customer place heating and air condition system of the company it will decrease the cost of electric bills. By adding this energy-saving system, reduce the number of solar panels that produce cheap electricity without more investment.

  • Battery Storage

The company provides a service with the best solar batteries according to the customers’ residential area. Because if the area of customer charges extra fee or high energy rates that increase electricity bills. So, experts suggest the best and reliable Solar Battery Storage. It stores the excess power or energy of a solar system and uses this power during peak times. Solar battery storage is reliable, technical, and outstanding discovery. It stores extra energy from the solar system and is used during peak times or time of electricity outage. Cutting edge makes storage battery unique from other common batteries. So, the storage battery easily performs impossible tasks like peak shaving and load shifting.

Cost of Company

The company costs 249$ for solar maintenance and repair services. The company offers dealers that cost should be paid twice a year after ensuring solar working.


When a person in Frenso wants to connect a solar panel system along with a battery to an electrical grid. So, a person needs to hire experienced solar contractors and Semper Solaris has many years of experience in this regard. The company provides a reliable solar panel system along with solar battery storage. The company is famous for its regulation and unique rates. The company offers 100% guarantee of their products.

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