Getting into Golf – For Beginners

Golf is certainly a great game, every golfer will tell you that. For some beginners, getting into golf may be pretty disheartening. This is because there is a lot to it, right from getting a set of golf clubs, to finding the right golf course, purchasing golf attires and figuring out the best way to practice. The practising bit is pretty essential as it takes a lot of it to master most aspects of golf.

The driving force to practice more reminds me of something that a man by the name of Ben Crenshaw mentioned, of which he spoke about how golf is basically quite a hard game to master, there would simply be no way to just master it over a short period of time, because when you get to the point that you think you’ve gotten it, something else with pop up and reaffirm you that you’ve still got more to learn. The difficulty of the game aside, if you have budget constraints, your ambitions to get into golf can be easily shuttered. The following tips will ensure that you overcome all the obstacles that will come your way as you strive to get into golf.

Essential Tips for Getting into Golf as a Beginner

Golf Clubs

While getting into golf, you have to know that golf clubs are an essential part of golfing. There are various factors to consider when it comes to clubs. They include:


If you can afford to buy a new set of golf clubs, then all is well and good. However, for those with budget constraints, you can always opt for a second-hand club set. These are usually more cost-effective and will not serve you any less than a new club set.

How many clubs will you require?

You don’t really need as many as fourteen golf clubs in your golf bag. You will only need a driver, a putter, a sand wedge and complete those with a 6-iron, an 8-iron, a pitching wedge and a fairway wood or a hybrid with a loft ranging from eighteen to twenty-one degrees. These tend to be the most forgiving clubs hence they are very ideal for beginners.

Try the clubs before purchasing

Be sure to try the clubs before making a purchase. The shaft flex is very vital so try clubs with both stiff and flexible flexes and determine which of them is easier for you to use. Once you are certain that you want to proceed with golfing, then you should consider a club-fitting in order for your clubs to be customized according to your needs.

The Loft

A beginner will generally require clubs with more loft. The extra loft will make it easier to get the ball in the air as well as make the shot to fly straighter by reducing sidespin. Preferably, woods should be at least seventeen degrees while drivers should be at least ten degrees.

Use clubs designed for beginners

Select irons with wider soles as these do not have the tendency to stick in the ground while hitting the ball. Also, opt for an iron with more weight concentrated in the sole to lower the centre of gravity and make shots launch on a higher trajectory. The super game improvement irons are therefore the most ideal irons for beginners. Moreover, using hybrids will be safer than going for 3-, 4- or 5-irons (these are not meant for amateurs).

Selecting Golf Balls

Since golf balls should be bought based on how many are lost in one round, beginners should go for the ones that are more pocket-friendly. As you advance in the game, you may want to consider more expensive golf balls.

Learning How to Play Golf

The first step while learning how to play golf must be finding the right teacher. Every new golfer is excited to learn how to hit the ball far. However, you don’t just start right away with the drivers. This journey has to be gradual, starting out with your short irons or wedges and moving on to your middle irons. By doing this, you are increasing the speed and length of your swing. From there, you can definitely try to hit some balls with your driver and then move back to your short irons and wedges. This will help with your tempo and tension levels.

Learn the Basic Golf Shots

There is a lot to be learnt when it comes to golf. However, the basics must be learning how to hit a driver off the tee and learning how to hit an iron off the ground. It is also important to know the difference between a pitch and a chip and the instances when they are applicable. The difference between the two is that a chip shot stays low and rolls along the ground, while a pitch flies high and does not roll as much. While a chip is used when you don’t have to carry the ball over an obstacle, a pitch is used when you have to stop the ball faster.

What’s next after mastering some Golf Basics?

Once you feel ready for golf, choose the appropriate golf course for yourself. An ideal golf course for beginners should be short, flat and without many hazards. You will also want to have a simple start by playing three holes. You don’t just start with 18 holes. Who does that? Doing that will cause you frustration, making you vow never to visit any golf course again!

Know the Golf Rules

Golf is a game with a whole lot of rules. Nevertheless, you don’t really have to master them all. Below is a quick summary of the rules that you should have on your fingertips.

  • Unless you are on a putting green, DO NOT move your ball.
  • Never pick any ball that does not belong to you.
  • Nothing is wrong with playing from another hole, so long as the ball lies on a fairway that is not labelled out of bounds.
  • Look for your ball for only five minutes.
  • Play within the golf course.


Bearing all the above tips in mind, feel free to begin your journey of getting into golf. Remember to do some exercise in order to be in shape for golf. Also, be mindful about what you eat as this could affect your performance in golf. Another thing is that you should pick the correct golf attire as you go to the golf course. Finally, golf is without doubt a difficult game, but your passion and determination will make all the difference. This is why you always have to recall what was once said by Payne Stewart, “A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing.”

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