All You Need to Know About 1Gbits

The term of dedicated server is strongly related to hosting. Because in fact, it is one of the hosting types. Dedicated server is a hosting type that offers full-scale server facilities to only one account. When you decided to buy dedicated server, then you will be able to get full access to the server. You can install an operating system, choose the kind of operating systems, install software app that you want to use, and many more all by yourself.

Dedicated server offers quite many benefits. The main benefit of such a server is full access. As it is said before, this kind of server provides 100% full access to customers. Dedicated server makes it easy and allows users to do the configuration based on needed and necessary specifications. It is secure as well. When the server is damaged, you are not responsible for the damage. So that it is very safe for you to run and operate the dedicated server.

When you use dedicated server, you will not get bothered by other clients. It is because dedicated server is used by only one user. This way, the performance of your website will not get bothered when the number of users increases. This type of hosting also allows the users to manage many domains on one server owned. Your website management will be optimally taken care of because you are the one who has the control and full access to the server.

Once you have known the benefits of dedicated server, you might want to use it. Among so many dedicated servers available, you should consider choosing 1Gbits.

What is 1Gbits?

1Gbits is a dedicated server provider. Its dedicated servers are located in more than 20 world-class data centers in more than 15 different countries across the globe. More than 8 datacenters are located in the States and Canada. More than 12 datacenters are located in Europe. And 2 datacenters are located in Asia. 1Gbits dedicated server has upgraded their service levels by launching their new official website. Now, you are able to buy dedicated server with more specific options and a wide range of locations.

1Gbits Services

·        Dedicated Servers

The main service of 1Gbits is dedicated servers that are located in more than 15 countries in the world. 1Gbits dedicated servers are highly reliable and cover a vast area from the States, Europe, and Asia. It connects with the quickest available connections and large traffic capacity.

·        VMWare Ready

Nowadays, virtualization is considered as one of the most essential trends in the IT industry. Picking the right hardware and software solutions needs specialized and specific expertise. 1Gbits allows you to use pre-configured dedicated servers for the sake of your virtualization needs.

·        Colocation

1Gbits is ready to host your server on its own infrastructure. This provider offers you the opportunity to use its infrastructure to host your server on its premium data centers located across the globe. 1Gbits makes it possible for you to totally focus on your business by providing power and professional networking as well as fulfill your security needs.

·        VPS Hosting

You will be able to have dedicated resources to manage your daily process by using VPS solutions from 1Gbits. 1Gbits VPS servers are used on the most powerful and latest servers that are virtualized with VMware ESXi hypervisor. It is purposed to provide you dedicated resources on both Windows and Linux operating sytems.

·        Remote Desktop

One of the most vastly used features of Windows operating systems is remote desktop. This feature makes it possible for you to do your daily tasks in the Windows environment via the internet by using 1Gbits server resources. The administrator access level enables you to install and use your selected software programs 24/7 at ease.

·        Game Server

Game servers are professional and recommended solutions for users who want to globally share their favorite games with other players on a multiplayer platform. 1Gbits dedicater server offers you memorable online gaming experience by supplying powerful hardware and network infrastructure.

1Gbits dedicated server costs from $85 per month. They are equipped with enterprise Intel and Supermicro hardware as well as stable networks. While the VPS Hosting costs from $15 per month. The VPS Hosting is run on VMWare Esxi with dedicated resources for both Linux server and Windows Server. The RDP Service costs the same as the VPS Hosting. RDP services include administrator user gives access to personalize, install, and use your own application. These 3 services are the most popular 1Gbits services.

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