Content Is the Only Way To Succeed At Digital Marketing

The title may seem a little contradictory because without the many marketing channels available to us, internet marketing would not exist. We can submit those with this frame of thinking because you ware not wrong. However, at the same time think about the content you have read content with titles you are interested in on those marketing channels. How often do you open and the read content and after the first paragraph you felt like you have already wasted your time?

As a result, you did not buy into their idea and the expense that company paid to have that content opened by people like you was a wasted portion of their marketing budget. The marketing was good. It did its job by getting your there, but the content was wasteful. Now imagine if the content was appealing to you.

The brand is building an identity by telling you about the firm’s outlook in its niche, and it is also building brand awareness because hopefully you will remember them because of an excellent piece of content that kept your attention. According to a well-known marketing agency Essex, UK, they A/B tested different content and found that content rich with images, infographics, and well structured subtitled sections created far more engagement than a plain text article such as the one I am writing now.

Their purpose as a marketing company was to sell a service or let people know the benefits of using their service, so they need the images and infographics as well as sub titles. On the contrary, this blog or guide is here for those that want to read about useful information and the ideas of people like me that write for this website.

Without the right content targeting the right people in the correct way, your content is effectively useless. It will be circulated, it will get clicks, but it will not help build your brand identity, reputation, or awareness if people are not going to stick and read what you have to say.

Infographics are arguably the best way to break up any sales page or website information page. On the one hand, you want to target those that want to read more information about your business – they like a lot of text organized with subtitles. They generally do not want to see short descriptions from infographics. The way in which the infographics work for these people is just to give them a reason to read the text.

Another group of people are in a hurry. They don’t want to take time reading a lot of text. They would prefer to absorb the information from the infographics, which is enough to show them that the firm they are researching is offering the service they want. According to the same digital marketing agency Essex mentioned above, their research showed that those that use infographics as their guide tend to t then click to the reviews section of the company’s page and look at social media to check that people have been making good remarks about them – this then turns into an inquiry and hopefully a sale.

The morale of the story here is to make sure you always plan your content to cater for multiple types of B2B buyers. At the same time structure your information correctly and make links to more information easy to access. Lastly, ensure that at every point the landing page takes them to on your website gives them the chance to click on a contact us form, real time chat option, or a telephone number.

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