Which Car is the Best Value for Your Money

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Did you know you can get cash for junk cars? In other words, when you finish driving your vehicle after it has endured through its expected lifetime, you can go to Pick-n-Pull or another junk car buyer to get some of your investment back. But to get the most return from your old car, you need to invest in a good new or slightly used one, to start.

 Which vehicles are the best value for the money you put into them? We provide some answers to this big question for the 2020 model year below.

1. Nissan Versa

 If you want to purchase an economical new car and drive it until the wheels almost fall off, Nissan Versa is a great choice. The Versa is fully redesigned for this model year and features a stronger engine and broader array of optional safety features. It offers great fuel economy, multiple trim levels, a large trunk and a base price of only about $15,000.

 If you are budget conscious and want a subcompact car, the Versa suits your needs. It makes city driving a breeze since it offers such a small footprint for those tight parking spaces. At the same time, the four-door model lets you fit the whole family for carpools, commutes and road trips. With such a small upfront investment in this vehicle, you can get your money’s worth easily before it decides to give up. The Versa owners have nothing to lose when seeking cash for junk cars after getting ten years out of their $15,000 vehicle.

2. Kia Forte

 If you need more space than a subcompact offers and a sportier look to maintain your style, look no further than the compact Kia Forte. Starting at less than $20,000, the Forte fulfills all of your basic needs like great fuel economy, excellent styling, great warranty, and many standard features at a great price.

 The 2020 Forte GT trim package is new and offers 201 horsepower with automatic or manual transmission. On all Fortes, you can select from five trim levels, giving you plenty of options to make your own vehicle. Most buyers prefer the LXS IVT, a mere step up from base pricing with a 2.0L I4 engine and front-wheel drive. You can expect 27MPG in the city and 37MPG when you break out onto the open road.

 Exterior and interior design make the Forte appear less “economy” and more upgraded. All in all, this Kia suits straightforward commuters well without too many frills.

3. Kia Soul

 Kia Soul continues shining bright in the world of subcompacts. As well, this small hatchback provides plenty of cargo space in a comfortable cabin. Further, it also provides a good list of amenities as standard with six trim levels. You can expect a comfy ride at great fuel economy and the backing of a lengthy warranty. At just over $20,000, the LX IVT features a 2.0L I4 engine and front-wheel drive that offers 25MPG in the city and 31MPG as you free your Soul on the highway.

 Overall, the unique styling of the Soul works great for urban lifestyles in a small package. Still, passengers and cargo are not sacrificed to the subcompact category. If you prefer to go green, zero-emission electric trim is available.

4. 2020 Volkswagen Jetta

 The Jetta has long been a reliable, compact sedan for enthusiasts of German engineering. In the 2020 model, VW continues this legacy through quality engineering, ride comfort and cabin spaciousness. Although the interior and exterior are both leaning toward utilitarian, the VW provides a reliable five-seat vehicle with seven trim levels. You can also expect an enjoyable driving experience despite its economical price. Most buyers choose the SE Automatic at just over $23,500 with its 1.4L I4 Turbo and front-wheel drive. With 30MPG in the city and 40MPG highway, fuel economy is not a problem for this small but sporty sedan.

 GLI models offer fun driving with good acceleration and sporty suspension. You can select manual transmission with most trim levels if preferred. Despite its absence of remarkable technology in the cabin, this Jetta feels sophisticated and well-designed. You can enjoy a premium feeling in the cabin with the German driver engagement you hope for, despite a low price point.

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