Hide Your Hickeys Like A Pro: Don’t Let the World Know About Your Passionate Love-Making

There are no rules when it comes to love making and having fun with your bae. The best way to enjoy such moments is to let the passion flow, be wild and savour each other’s body. Well, we know that what has just popped into your mind while you read the words ‘savour each other’s body’. Hickeys, kiss marks, love bites or whatever you call it!

Either you love it or you don’t, but in any case there is only a few portion of population who would like to flaunt their hickeys. Sometimes, it is okay to flaunt it among your friend circle but it becomes really difficult when you have to go to office or be present in a formal meeting. Your major concern at these places should be your work performance and not feeling awkward or diffident. You know how to give a hickey already so what you need to know now is how to hide one.

Use These Smart Ways To Hide Hickeys:

Don’t let the hickey make you feel awkward in a gathering. Use these smart and stylish ways to hide your hickey and pretend as if your body doesn’t carry any mark of your recent love-making.

#1 Winter Is The Season Of Love

Well, the cold climate obviously brings love birds together for a passionate love making and that is why it is called the season of love. However, the full covered clothes are of huge benefits for covering any kiss marks or hickeys. For example, wearing a turtleneck pullover will cover the hickeys and won’t even look inappropriate. Thank god, turtleneck is a unisex style and can be worn by both men and women. Anyone can wear them to hide hickeys. Also, you can use mufflers to hide hickeys too.

#2 Those Beautiful Long Hair Will Be Helpful Now

If you have ever regretted having long hair because it takes a lot to manage them then now is the time when you will feel happy about them. You can make different hairstyles with your long hair to hide the hickey. Some of the examples are having a one sided bread or keeping your hair lose at one side where the hickey is. Nobody will ever doubt you of hiding a hickey this way and you will escape the situation easily.

#3 Hiding with your makeup

If you are a pro at makeup and know how to use it well then congratulations. You might not need anything else but just your makeup tools like concealer, foundation, and powder to conceal the hickey and make it vanish with the help of makeup. The important thing you need to take care of is to choose the color which matches your skin tone. This give a natural look to your skin and nothing will feel artificial.

#4 Use accessories to hide your hickey

Your accessories collection will be of a great use to hide you hickey. Wearing thick and heavy accessories will help you to hide your hickey while adding style to your overall look. Match your accessories with your outfit so that it looks like a planned look and nobody doubts what is lying underneath your accessory.

#5 The right clothing for summers

In summers, wearing appropriate clothes can also help to hide hickeys. For example, wearing sleeveless hooded tops, sweatshirts or collared shirts can help to cover your neck and collar bones. You can also choose a nice and beautiful scarf to cover you hickey. There are different stylish ways available on internet to tie your scarves.

#6 Using ice packs

Hickeys are caused due the rupture caused in capillaries which becomes superficial or visible. The blood flows into the surrounding tissue to which is then visible as marks on skin. If you want to relieve the marks and make them disappear quickly then the best you can do is to use an ice pack on the hickeys. Take a paper towel and wrap some ice cubes into it. Now apply this ice pack on the affected skin for a while.

We hope we have helped you with our suggestions to hide hickeys!

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