AstroGlideLube vs KY Personal Lubricant – Top Water-Based & Silicone Lubes

Top Water-Based & Silicone Lubes

AstroGlide and KY lubricants are two of the top competing brands on the market. They are widely available in many areas and stores, but is one better than the other? KY lubricants have many varieties compared to that of AstroGlide and can be found at this lube resource. Below we will talk a bit over some of their products as well as show what some users have said as far as positives and negatives about the products.


AstroGlide personal lubricant is water based lubricant which is safe to use with condoms and other birth control methods. Water based lubricants are also safe for adult toy play where as with other lubricants such as a silicone lubricant, you have to make sure it is safe for use with toys. This AstroGlide lubricant is easy to clean up.

Users of the AstroGlide personal lubricant say the product is a good moisturizer and enjoy the fact it is compatible for use with condoms. They enjoy that it is used to help increase sexual pleasure and found it to be recommended by many doctors. The things that many people found as a negative was that it was a thicker lubricant, that it has a bitter taste, and found it to be very slippery for play.

AstroGlide gel is also a water-based lubricant as well as water soluble which also means it is great for use with condoms. The gel lubricant has properties that help with moisturizing for both men and women.

The positive from users include rave on the quantity of lubricant in each tube, the fact it is a water based lubricant yet a gel form, and that it is not too slipper. The negatives for the product are that it dries up rather quickly and that it is a thicker consistency.


K-Y liquid personal water based lubricant comes in a 5oz bottle and one of the most popular brands of K-Y used. The product last for a lengthy time compared to most water based lubricants. This water based lubricant made by K-Y is made of a hydro-liquid formula that gives users a heightened sensitivity making it great for arousal. The product does not contain a spermicide so is great for couples who are trying to conceive. However, the product is compatible with condom use.

Users of the product complain about the product being too watery as well as becoming sticky fast. Things that were loved include having no spermicide present, compatibility with latex and condoms, and lasting longer periods of time. Users also enjoyed the hydro liquid formula that increases sexual pleasures.

K-y yours and mine is a lubricant made for couples. The package contains two 3 oz bottles one for each person. The idea is too show that each person experiences play time and pleasures differently therefore require different needs in lubricants. Together the lubricants give different sensation and create higher sensations. The formulas in the package contain a warming lubricant as well as gentle lubricant.

Users who enjoyed the product liked that the it offered pleasure for both. Many users favored the idea of it being recommended by doctors and compatible with condoms. The negatives from users were that the product is weak, becomes sticky, and dries to quick.

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