Are you Getting Too Many Emails with Vouchers? Here is How to Deal with Voucher Spamming

Firstly, it is important to understand what voucher spam is: Coupon spamming, much like the junk mailthat is often pushed through letterboxes, is useless offers, you never asked for, sent to you via email. Sadly, is has become common over the Internet and is proving difficult to deal with.

Secondly, it is also important to understand what coupon spam is not: A marketing email, from a reputable organization, such as a retailer that you have signed up with to receive emails as an existing customer, is not spam. While you may not find all these emails relevant to your needs, the marketing information, and the marketing method, is legitimate.

Origin of Coupon Spam
Apparently, coupon spammers have mastered the art of covering their tracks and often purchase a list of emails addresses elsewhere, often using legitimate means. This means that the person or business they purchase the email address list from may have obtained your address using legal means, but when it exchanges hands there is no limit to how it can be used.

Voucher spammers spread their messages across the Internet from a bunch of several email addresses, often spoofing’ the email addresses to conceal the identity of the individual or business that is actually responsible for sending them. They also trick you into believing they come from a legitimate or trusted source.

Do voucher offers overload your inbox?
There are times when you want to receive emails from reputable providers, but you know you don’t have the time to read them right now. You want to open these emails another time and in the meantime you wish to keep your inbox organised.

Here is how:
Create filters – Have a filter or rule for grouping marketing emails from organizations you recognize into a specific folder. Grouping these emails is also a great way to stay organized. You can create filters for daily deal sites like Groupon so that deals of local stores in your area go to a special folder. Likewise, you can create a filter for emails received by Wikigains, so that voucher codes for UK high street retailers go to a different folder in your inbox.

Preventing Voucher Spamming
Getting so much unsolicited email can be tiring and frustrating. Here are a few tips to help you prevent coupon spamming in your inbox.

Opt Out: When you buy products or services online where you need to enter your email address decide whether you are comfortable receiving emails from them and if not opt out of their newsletter.

Avoid publishing email addresses on blogs, websites and forums: Spammers trawl the web and use robots’ to collect email addresses and sell them.

Use a separate email address: It is often a good idea to have one email address to subscribe to services on websites you do not trust. Use one of your spare email addresses. That way you can reserve your main email address for important emails from trusted sources.

Spam untrusted sources: Make use of the “Spam” button to label emails from sources you do not trust as spam. While a majority of web-based email providers depend on their own systems to help identify and even manage spam, they also depend on the email users (you) to let them know what is inappropriate or irrelevant.

Dealing with unwelcome marketing discount coupon deals
If you are already receiving tones of junk mail with vouchers and coupons you will never need then here is a way you can gradually reduce it, and over time eliminate it:
Unsubscribe  If the sender is legitimate, you may consider safely using the “unsubscribe” option. This can be found after the email, but be careful to avoid unsubscribing from senders you do not trust. See why below.

Do not “Unsubscribe” to spam- This only proves that the email address obtained is genuine. But there are some exceptions as shown below.

Never reply to spam- Replying to spam informs the spammer that they got your genuine email address, only to send you more spam.

Turn off images- An email with images can let the spammer know as soon as you open it, confirming to them that you are an active user.

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