What Is A Control Arm and Its Reliable Supplier

The suspension system is an important part of modern cars and has a great influence on the ride comfort and handling stability of the car. As the guiding and force transmitting component of the car suspension system, the control arm transmits various forces acting on the wheel to the vehicle body while ensuring that the wheel moves according to a certain trajectory.

The control arm elastically connects the wheel and the body by ball joints or bushings respectively. The control arm (including the bushing and ball joint attached to it) should have sufficient stiffness, strength and service life. The swing arm of the car is divided into a front swing arm and a lower swing arm. The front swing arm is a guide and support of the suspension, and the deformation affects the positioning of the wheel and reduces the stability of the driving; and the main function of the lower swing arm is to support the vehicle body, the shock absorber and buffer vibration during driving. The reducer can assist the lower suspension arm, and it works well with the damper and spring to form an excellent suspension system.

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The structure of the car control arm: Lateral stabilizer bar connecting rod ,transverse rod, Longitudinal rod, single control arm etc.

Lateral stabilizer bar connecting rod: When the suspension is installed, one end of the stabilizer bar connecting rod is connected with the lateral stabilizer bar through a rubber bushing or a ball joint, and the other end is connected with the control arm or the barrel damper through a rubber bushing or a ball joint. The transverse stabilizer bar link is used symmetrically in the suspension to improve steering stability. The structural diagram of the two stabilizer bars is shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. Figure 1 shows a double bushing stabilizer bar. The arm body 2 is a forged aluminum piece, and the rubber bushings 1, 3 are tightly fitted with the arm body 2, so that the rubber bushings 1, 3 and the arm body 2 have no relative movement, and FIG. 2 is a double ball joint stabilizer bar and an arm. The body 2 is a steel tie rod, and the relative positions of the axis of the ball joint assembly 1, 3 and the arm body 2 can be designed to be 0°, 90°, 180° according to requirements. The ball joint assemblies 1, 3 are welded to the arm body 2.

Transverse Rod: When the suspension is installed, the rubber bushing at one end of the tie rod is connected to the sub-frame or the body, and the rubber bush at the other end is connected to the hub. These control arms are mostly used in the multi-link suspension of the car and the tie rods of the steering system, which are mainly subjected to lateral loads and at the same time guide the movement of the wheels.

The longitudinal tie rod is mostly used to drag the arm suspension to transmit traction and braking force. Figure below is a structural view of the longitudinal tie rod. The arm body 2 is formed by stamping steel. The outer sleeves of the rubber bushings 1, 3, 4 are welded to the arm body 2. The rubber bushing 1 is mounted on a force receiving portion in the middle of the vehicle body, the rubber bushing 4 is connected to the hub, and the rubber bushing 3 is mounted on the lower end of the damper to support and dampen.

The single control arm is mostly used for multi-link suspensions, and the two single control arms are used together to transmit lateral and longitudinal loads from the wheels. The figure below shows the structure of a structure type overhanging control arm. The arm body 2 is a forged aluminum piece. The rubber bushing 1 is tightly fitted with the arm body 2, so there is no relative movement between the rubber bushing 1 and the arm body 2. The ball joint assembly 3 is an aluminum plate type of the ball seat, and the ball seat and the arm body 2 are assembled in an embedded manner. In the suspension installation, the rubber bushing 1 is coupled to the sub-frame or body, and the ball joint assembly 3 is coupled to the hub. The rubber bushing 1 can also be a hydraulic bushing.

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