Three Office Renovation Tips to Increase Productivity

When decorating at home, you probably choose colours and styles that represent your personality and make you feel happy. Unfortunately, when it comes to office renovation, it can be easy to focus on practicality and affordability, forgetting that a work space also needs to foster creativity and make employees feel comfortable.

When renovating your office, forget white walls and individual cubicles. Instead, to boost productivity, follow these three simple tips when overhauling your office.

Consider Business Needs

This may seem straight forward but can be more complicated than it first appears. When renovating any work environment, it’s crucial to think about the daily activities and employee needs. However, there are other things that should be considered, too.

For example: Would your employees gain more benefit from separate office spaces, or large collaborative group work spaces? Should you create sleek formal meeting rooms to impress clients, or would your business be better to invest in more relaxed and informal areas? These are crucial things to consider if you want your company to attract millennials.

Lighting and Temperature are Crucial

Bad lighting can result in eye strain, headaches and drowsiness, none of which are conducive to a productive workplace. Natural light is the best choice, but few offices are blessed with wall-to-wall windows. Installing more windows in every room is probably not a viable option, so instead, aim to add more natural light to just one space, such as the staff room, to give employees a break from harsh unnatural lighting.

Temperature has been shown to affect productivity, too. Research has shown that 22 degrees Celsius is the optimum working temperature, so make sure to regulate with wall-mounted radiators from the likes of The Electrical Guys, that won’t compromise interior design.

Use Colour and Sound

Similarly to light and temperature, colour and sound can have a huge impact on mood and productivity. When choosing shades of paint, try to steer clear of stark whites, as they can create and adverse effect when combined with unnatural light. Instead, opt for warm earthy tones, such as taupe, beige and grey. Or, if you would like to inject some colour, choose blues, yellows and greens to promote creativity, communication and calm.

In terms of sound, while open office spaces are great for collaboration, excess noise can be a distraction. Consider using low-level white noise, or choosing fabrics and materials help to absorb sound.

When planning an office renovation, as well as factoring cost, consider factors such as lighting, sound and relaxation zones, to boost employee productivity.

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