Is it worth repairing a car or is it better to sell it as damaged?

Accident car


Each situation is different, so it is difficult to answer the question whether it is better to sell a damaged car or try to repair it. Much depends on what kind of defect it is, what kind of car it is and whether you want to get rid of it, or maybe you have a sentiment to it.

When is it worth getting rid of a car?

The sale of a damaged car is often decided by people who do not have time to repair, do not have a trusted mechanic who will cheaply agree to remove the defect or simply do not have the patience to do so. The money gained from selling a damaged car will certainly be less than if it was in good condition, but you can get rid of the problem. This is often done especially with post-accident and with a damaged engine car.

Sometimes it makes no sense to repair a car. In case it is extremely expensive or time-consuming, it is better to let go and decide to sell the car as damaged. Of course, this is associated with a financial loss, but it happens so that it is less severe than in the case of car repair costs. Let’s take a look at the situations in which it is worth deciding to sell a car. The first one is when the fault or damage repeats itself. For example, if your car has a problem with rusty metal sheets, there is no point in once again deciding on complex sheet metal work. It may turn out that the problem will appear again.

It may also be reasonable to sell a car with engine damage. Why? Repairing an engine is often very expensive and, in many situations, engine repair often exceeds the value of the car.

Another case in which it is worth seriously considering the sale of a damaged car, are accidents. Cars damaged as a result of road collisions often have many defects, touching various elements. Repairing such cars is very time-consuming and, what is worse, not always effective. Sometimes it happens that a car has been damaged so much that it is not able to provide us with comfort and safety. It is also worth mentioning that many people think that a damaged car is worth selling if it is old. Meanwhile, this is not entirely true. It is better to decide to sell it in case of damage to a modern, technologically advanced car. Why is it simple? Spare parts for this type of cars are sometimes expensive, besides, private mechanics are not able to cope with the repair of such a car, which involves the need to use an authorized service, and thus the high cost of repairing the car.

Where to sell the damaged car?

We all know that selling a car is not easy, especially if we want to sell a damaged car. It is obvious that the price for a damaged car will be much lower than for a functioning car. However, we don’t have to sell our car for nothing to dealers who, despite the low price, are trying to reduce it even further. It may be a good idea to use the services of companies that help you sell your car and get the highest possible price. How do such companies work? They act as an intermediary between the dealer and the car owner. For example, at, you just have to enter few data in their online market and they calculate for you what is your car still worth and create first professional offer. Simply said, they do the job for you. They contact car dealers, they negotiate the best offers and present to you only the best ones. Thanks to it you save your time and avoid stressful negotiations, endless calls and time-consuming test drives. The platform doesn’t give information about you to the dealers and doesn’t force you to make a buying decision. You can decide then in peace, without any pressure. If you like presented offer, the contract will be sent to you within some hours.

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