Doing Home Renovation without Any Stress: 6 Lifehacks

Home renovation projects can be very stressful, especially when you’ve never done them before. Besides, these projects can have a big impact on your finances, regardless of their size or duration. From dust, noise, to strangers invading your home every day, this can take a toll on your patience. But, did you know what with proper planning, as well as being in communication with your contractor can make the project easier? With that, let’s look at the top 6 lifehacks to do home renovations without stress.

Hire the right contractor

Hiring the right renovation contractor is the best decision that you will ever make for your home renovation project. A right contractor will ensure that your project goes on smoothly, whereas the wrong one can cause a lot of frustrations.

There’s a term known as contractor drift in the construction industry. This is where the contractor starts to disappear gradually in the course of the project. The contractor will be punctual for the first few days of the project, and then they will start disappearing slowly after a few weeks. Such contractors can delay your home renovation project and also mess up with other essential deadlines. When you choose the right home remodeling contractor, your renovation project will be completed on time.

Set a reasonable timeline

When doing a home renovation project, start by setting the date that you’d like the project to begin. Your contractor will then help you in determining the duration of the entire project. However, you should be the one to determine which order you’d like your renovation project to be completed.

Your timeline should give the contractor ample time to ship and deliver the supplies needed for the project, and also time to prepare the project site. Besides, the completion date for your project should have an allowance for extra days, just in case unexpected issues arise.

Your project shouldn’t start without a detailed contract

One of the greatest mistakes that you can ever make is to start your home renovation project with an unclear contract or without a contract at all! This can cost you a lot of money, and lead to a lengthy legal battle. Your contract should have the correct address, a start and completion date, as well as specific details of the areas to be renovated.

Besides, you should never sign a contract that you don’t understand. There are different contracts for home renovation projects. However, the most common one is fixed-price. This contract has details on the total cost of your project—which should include building materials, labor, and permits. A fixed-price contract is the best, as it sets a definite price for your project, and this prevents the chances of you incurring unexpected costs in the middle of the renovation project.

Never pay your contractor the full amount at once

You should be wary of contractors who ask you to pay the full amount before the project starts. Typically, your contractor should ask you to pay a deposit, which should be around 25% of the entire cost. You can then continue paying the contractor gradually as the project progresses. This is essential, as it allows you to put a check on your contractor, meaning you can choose a new one in case your current contractor doesn’t meet your expectations.

You should always make your payments after one phase of the project is complete, and you are satisfied with the results. In the event there are mistakes or errors in which the contractor is liable, you should discuss this with the contractor and see how they’ll be rectified. Failing to do so might cost you additional money, in addition to the current cost of the project.

Move out of your house during the renovation

Most homeowners tend to stay in their homes during a renovation project. However, this is not advisable as it can delay the project. If possible relocate out of your home temporarily—as this will give your contractor the much-needed space and time to work on your home. Besides, it helps you avoid the noise, fumes, and dust.

Also, you must keep your pets and children away from the house, as this will keep them out of harm’s way. We understand that most homeowners will stay on-site for the security of their items. However, you shouldn’t fret at all if that’s your case, as you can hire a mobile storage unit to keep your items. Today, we have professional movers who provide mobile storage, such as Torex Toronto mobile storage. You can take advantage of these units to keep your valuable items while you are away from your home. This will give your contractor ample time and space to complete the renovation project on time.

Choose the right materials

Using durable materials for your home renovation project will increase the lifespan of the building. In addition to quality materials, you will need to invest in quality appliances—but not expensive ones. Here, you must consider your budget when choosing the right materials and appliances.

Always consider using a subcontractor to source the materials for you, as they know where they can get quality materials at a cheaper price. With this, you only need to define your specifications to avoid getting the wrong materials or appliances.

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