Trendy Jackets In 2020: A Complete Guide

Jackets are both a fashion piece and a necessity. They glam up your style and showcase your personality; at the same time, keep you warm in cold weather and protect you from wind, rain, and snow. Because of its dual role, you need to choose the right style. Picking any piece of jacket won’t do. You need to pair it up with your overall look.

As the cold season draws near, you need to get your jacket ready. But before you dig into your closet looking for your previous year’s winter clothes, you might want to check out the latest trendy jackets this 2020. Here’s a complete guide on some of the coolest jackets today.

Bomber Jacket

Matinee-idol and Hollywood A-list, Armie Hammer surely loves the suede bomber jacket. Simple and versatile, this durable jacket is characterized by its elastic or fitted cuffs and waist. It comes with an athletic vibe and is perfect as casual wear. Originally, this style was known as a flight jacket and was popularly worn by crew members of the US Air Force.

While the bomber jacket has been around for a long time now, it is expected to regain popularity this 2020 – thanks to Hollywood trendsetters who are reviving this jacket. Men of all ages and status can sport one and look stylish on it. This jacket comes in different colors and materials like wool, nylon, and leather.

Down Gilet

Although the down gilet is not a fashion favorite, it has always made its way to fashion catwalks. This jacket style bodes of minimalism and practicality. It works as a mid-layer wardrobe, which is ideal for your casual looks. We’ve seen how fashion houses have revived this classic and turned them into some of this year’s surprise trends. And because of its airy feel, this sleeveless jacket can be worn even beyond the cold season.

Down gilet is loved for its ease of wear, body-filling purpose, and warmth. The luxury brand, Brunello Cucinelli produces some amazing padded gilets, both over and under suit jackets.

Varsity Jacket

Designers of letterman jackets by VarsityBase expect this jacket style to be among 2020’s biggest trends. Perfect for Millenials, the varsity jacket is versatile and comfortable. It radiates a youthful style. Perfect for your sporty look but can also be worn for smart-casual attire. This unparalleled flexibility makes it a must-have wardrobe piece.

When you wear one, you get the vibe of being inducted in Ivy League’s varsity – and this comes with an illusionary sense of pride and entitlement. Letterman jackets come in various styles, colors, and designs. You can stick with the preppy classic or get extra stylish with its modern iterations.

Denim Jacket

Denim will always be stylish. They have this enigmatic appeal that allows them to be timelessly cool. This year we expect denim jackets to be in the spotlight. Ryan Reynolds, Robert Pattinson, and Ryan Gosling lead the pack in revitalizing the love for denim jackets. Aside from the classic denim jackets, we’ve also seen some amazing iterations from top fashion houses. Because of its growing popularity, we expect to see more of it throughout this year.

Denim jackets are well-loved for their flexibility and durability. You can wear it with sneakers, chinos, and a T-shirt for a fresh, youthful vibe. Contrastingly, you can pair it with an overcoat, a turtleneck sweater, trousers, and boots for a more formal look. Ideally worn in spring and autumn, they can also be stylish even in summer and winter. This trans-seasonal function of the denim jacket makes it a must-have for your wardrobe.

Track Jacket

Athleisure has been a big hit over the past several years – and we expect this trend to continue this year. Although track jackets were originally intended for sports, they are now worn for a variety of occasions. It’s comfortable and lightweight design allows it to be very versatile. Typically, track jackets feature a waistband and ribbed cuffs and come with matching track pants. However, it can also be paired with your casual jeans for a more casual vibe.

Hooded Jacket

Finally, the hooded jacket is among the most practical pieces in this year’s list of trendiest jackets. Hooded jackets are generally intended to provide full protection of your upper body, including the head. Although hooded jackets are pretty common, they now come in a variety of designs, cuts, and colors. However, this jacket type is limited for casual attire and is best for your everyday get-up.

Each of these trendy jackets in 2020 comes with its unique flair and style. When picking a jacket to match your attire, make sure to consider your overall look. This ensures that all your fashion pieces are in consonance, thereby avoiding uncoordinated pieces. If you’re planning to invest in a new piece, it would be safe to go with the versatile types like the bomber and varsity jackets. You can safely pair these pieces with most of your wardrobe.

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