Tips & Inspirations for Birthday Party Outfit

Birthday is a special moment so that most people prefer to hold a party to celebrate it. Every single thing related to the birthday party should be prepared well.

So, the event will be meaningful. One of the important things that should be prepared well is the birthday party outfit.

Whether you are the host or the invited one, you should wear a comfortable outfit that you like. If you are confused about what to wear for a birthday party, here are some tips and inspirations.

Tips for Birthday Party Outfit

  1. Read the invitation well. Check whether there is any dress code or not. It is important so that you will not wear the wrong outfit when you come to a birthday party. Some people apply a dress code that should be worn by the guests. If there is any dress code, you just need to find a suitable outfit.
  2. If there is not any dress code, check the theme of the birthday party. Besides a dress code, some people also determine the theme of their birthday parties. You can also wear a birthday outfit that is suitable for the birthday party theme. For example, if the birthday party has a princess theme, choose a sweet dress for a girls birthday outfit or a shirt and blazer for boys. Or, you can wear Japanese clothes if the theme is related to Japan such as anime.
  3. It will be better if you avoid too bright colors, except the dress code says so. Wearing too bright colors for a birthday party will make you look tacky. If you insist to wear bright colors, balance it with neutral colors, such as white, beige, grey, and so on.
  4. Do not wear too many accessories. Whether you are the host or the guest, avoid wearing too many accessories. Just like wearing too bright colors, wearing too many accessories will make you look tacky. Just wear a few of your favorite accessories. For instance, a pretty necklace and 2 beautiful rings are already enough to complete your birthday party look.
  5. Do not forget the hairstyle. Do not forget to complete your look with a suitable and pretty hairstyle. However, make sure you style your hair in an elegant way. Do not style your hair too much because it will only ruin your birthday party look.
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Inspirations for Birthday Party Outfit

If you are getting confused about the style for a birthday party outfit, here are some inspirations that can be your reference.

  • Casual Style

The combination of leggings and simple dress can be the right choice for a casual yet proper look for a birthday party. Make sure your hairstyle is neat and casual as well in order to complete your look. While casual style for boys, you can combine a shirt, jeans, and suspenders. This combination will bring a casual yet stylish style that is suitable for a casual birthday party.

  • Formal Style

If the birthday party is formal or you want to apply a formal style, you can choose a simple dress with sweet basic colors to wear. For the hairstyle, you can apply a formal hairstyle or just let it loose. But make sure your hairstyle is neat. Then, wear enough and proper accessories. Avoid wearing too many accessories. For boys, simply choose a neat suit for a formal birthday party.

  • Animal Print

If you want to look more playful to attend or host a birthday party, you can try wearing an animal-printed outfit. The animal-printed outfit is getting popular today so that you will look trendy and stylish at the same time. You can combine a zebra-patterned mini dress with a blazer.

  • Slip Dress

If you do not know what to wear for a birthday party, a classic slip dress will never go wrong. For a formal birthday party, you can combine it with kitten heels. While for a casual birthday party, you can combine the classic slip dress with flat shoes or sneakers.

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