57% World’s Population is Offline; Does Internet Really Matter Nowadays?

The number above might shock us that much; this shocks us because we have thought that with this huge use of internet and massive access anywhere, people could go online easily. The condition of internet nowadays may seem getting better, or at least seeing from the surface. You are now congratulated if you reached this page and read this article; you are in the middle of one movements called modern technology wave. But seeing the fact and the title above, we may start to think of the facts attached to this development. The disadvantages and advantages appear on behalf of humans’ own mistake. Have we reflected?

4 Basic Facts

In its relation to development of internet nowadays, 4 basic facts have been documented, making us shock and amazed. First, the unpredictable thing happens is that internet only represent 5% of world’s languages. This might relate to the fact that some people would have agreed to use international language like English to represent their speech. However, this would make other language unnoticed. As the result, it will make other population seems to go offline.

Second, this is rather shocking or not, but the fact that most internet users are men are complicated. Men has been considered to have more internet access than women. That one fact would go uneasy because it will relate to the speech women probably need to have. Third, approximately there are 300 million people have an access to a modern tech called internet.

Fourth fact is probably the worst of all; it is the fact that more than 85% poorest countries in the world remain offline. Pointing to that fact, this situation needs to be taken seriously. Internet, on the other side, creates more creativity when it is treated well. The opposite, this will go unwell once it is being malfunctioned. In this case, the development of internet nowadays might not be spread well.

The Choice

The choice is always in our hand. The development of internet nowadays will make us better or not. The generation, too, will start to realize about this internet thing. Meanwhile, the older generations can always maintain and see if the content of the internet is appropriate or not. Probably, we had better go offline rather than enjoying hazardous content that will only create a dull or blunt to brains. Matter or not, it all depends on the wise or worse use.

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