Should organizations have a dedicated AV team?

Professional AV control solutions come with a bunch of add-ons. One of the perks of having a go-to professional AV control solutions team is that you solve the organizational problem of not having an in-house team. See more about professional AV control solutions.

Organizations can either have a dedicated AV team or personnel, can outsource their AV requirements to professional AV control solutions companies, or make do with their existing IT and network engineering employees.

Does an organization need a dedicated AV team or not?

Just like how companies need an IT team, they also need AV teams specializing in the meeting, conferencing, events, and workshop equipment. The considerations in AV systems are simply too many to be tackled by the existing IT department starting right from the connections and video output to space management and sound.

The typical approach dictates that AV systems are an offshoot of the IT department. That cannot be more wrong. AV systems are becoming the staple nowadays. Companies are relying heavily on audiovisual conferences, events, meetings, and more on a day-to-day basis.

The considerations are so far apart and different from typical IT tasks.

It’s only natural that an organization goes for an AV team. Companies still trying to meet their AV requirements with existing IT personnel tend to lose a lot in terms of efficiency and the management of AV equipment. 

Hopefully, that’s not something you wish. Designing, installing, maintaining, and supporting AV systems including devices such as cameras, speakers, mics, lighting, acoustics, and more – a series of finer details are at play here to maximize the efficiency of the job.

If your organization’s AV requirements are limited to a single workstation then perhaps a dedicated AV team isn’t necessary. However, if you ever wish to flesh it out then you need one. Keep the IT department for what they know best, namely, computers, servers, networking, and the organization’s tech infrastructure.

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