How to add a personal touch to your wedding invitations

When it comes to high-street invitation suppliers, their offerings are often a one-size fits all kind of design and unless you have your own printed, it can be hard to add any serious level of customisation.

This is far from ideal, as a wedding invitation should be a personal and sentimental affair. The people you are inviting obviously have some kind of special role in your lives and ultimately you want them to feel that from their invitation.

If you’re having a particularly intimate wedding, with a small number of guests, this is going to be even more important.

So, whether you are opting for custom made wedding invitations or invites that standard and pre-made, this blog post will offer suggestions for personalisation.

And the best bit, they can be done for as little cost as possible.

Learn calligraphy //

Surprisingly, there is no right or wrong way to do calligraphy as it is a very personal and individualistic skill. Naturally, there are some people that are able to master their own style better than others but there is no real reason why you can’t attempt this yourself.

The internet is awash with various tutorials and tips on how to add calligraphy to your wedding invitations and there are now plenty of workbooks in various book stores, making ti an accessible skill to learn.

As a result of its individualistic and ununiformed nature, it therefore ensures that each invite will have its own differentiation.

Of course, if your budget stretches to it, then it’s worth paying for someone to do this for you. However, it’s definitely worth having a go at it yourself. If you do decide to teach yourself, you never know, you might find that you are particularly good at it and maybe you can then do it for other people too.

Include a picture //

We love this idea and when we received a wedding invitation, complete with a memory-soaked image, we were more touched than we ever have been.

Sit down with your favourite photo albums – or open your Facebook pictures – and chose an image that you feel really resonates with each of your guests. Get them printed, duplicated or whatever else needs to be done, and make sure that you have a physical copy of each image. Then, pop them in the envelope with your invitation, perhaps even adding a little message on the back of the picture.

This idea will not only remind the guest why they are being invited in the first but will give them a physical reminder of your relationship. Not many people actually use physical photographs anymore, so, that alone will make them feel special. 

Tell your story //

Why not write a short story for each of your guests, perhaps it could be a kind of gratitude or it could just be your favourite memory with them. Depending on how much time you have, you can make this as brief or as detailed as possible. If you’re a strong writer, or enjoy any kind of creative task, really spend some time describing the memory in as much detail as possible. Try to invoke the aspects of the story that most resonate with you, whether it be the smells, views or indeed, the feels.

Write a poem or letter //

If you’re finding that you are fast running out time, want to add a personal touch to your invitations but don’t have the time to customise them all, we have an alternative idea.

Instead of writing each and every guest a poem or letter, why not just write one and use to express everything that you are feeling about your guests. Tell them exactly why they are there with you today, what they mean to you collectively and the role that they have had in your journey.

Whilst it’s not directed at each individual, it is directed at the wedding guests on the whole and still offers more of a sentimental touch than traditional invitations do.

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