10 Fascinating Facts about Flowers

Flowers are the symbol of beauty and devotion. They are extremely delicate with amazing scent and unique properties. Either it is the time of love or sorrow we present bouquets to show our gratitude and sorrow. There are 400, 000 species of flowers, each with different properties and attributes. Their shapes, sizes and colours just make us stun and we feel a natural emotional attachment.

Besides beauty, flowers have exceptional medicinal and healing properties. These were the known facts but do you know flowers have some unique and interesting facts too? Yes, they have! And they are quite enough to make you stun. Feeling anxious right? To know about those unique facts, follow this post till the end.

1. Stinking corpse:

“Stinking corpse”!! No, no do not feel scared I’m not talking about the dead body but definitely talking about something related to that. There is a flower called “corpse flower” which is the stinkiest flower. It stinks as if there is dead body near. That is why it is called as corpse flower. It is also known to be the largest flower of the world and can extend up to 3 meters.

2. Expensive Tulips:

We value gold so much because it is an expensive metal. But do you know there is something as expensive as gold and that is a flower? Shocked? But, it’s true!

Earlier in the 17th century tulips were as expensive as gold. They were the flower of immortality. Their price reached as high as $2,000.

They are not that much expensive nowadays, but still valuable and beautiful. Another interesting thing about tulips is that they can be used in meals as a replacement of onion.

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3. The sacred lotus:

Religious books are sacred but some flowers are sacred too. I am talking about the divine lotus who is very sacred in the religion of Buddhism. They consider it as special as any of the other religious belongings. It shows sincerity and purity of both body and soul. The harmony and illumination is showed by its petals. You can get a very mesmerizing aura by its scent.

Other ancient religions also considered lotus very important and divine. It is seen in damp areas only. It is dormant in dry areas and regenerate in damp places hence considered as symbol of eternity in Egypt.

4. Mother of flowers:

Flowers have mothers too! Not literally but scientifically. Recently in 2002 florists found a very unique fossil of a flower and it was believed to be the oldest flower of the world hence given the name “mother of all flowers”. It was first seen in China almost 125 million years ago.

5. Burning bushes:

Do you know that you can burn things without stove or cooking range? There exists some unique flowers known as “burning bushes” that are known to emit a certain kind of gas which can be used to burn the match sticks. Now, can we cook on plants? Very interesting.

6. Angelica: Remedy to every disease:

It is a common fact that for every disease or ailment we use different medicines and antibiotics. There is no single medicine that can cure all. But previously, it was conceived that one flower called “Angelica” can be a treatment to all ailments ranging from headaches to bubonic plague. It was considered as an effective herb and was used in religious ceremonies to be protected from evil.

7. Bamboo flowers:

Have you seen bamboo flowers? You rarely do! This is because they produce flowers after a span of 120 years. Bamboo flowers are very effective as they release much more oxygen than any other plant in the world. They also absorb double amount of carbon-dioxide so are very useful for the atmosphere.

8. Birth control cohosh:

Blue cohosh was used in child birth processes by Americans, earlier. It was used in uterus for labour preparation. Interesting fact is that, it can also be used to abort the pregnancy.

9. Moon flower:

We know flowers bloom in the sunlight but it is not the case for the moon flower. Just like the name, moon flower blooms at night and closes in the daylight. How unique is this property!

10. World’s smallest fruit plant:

There is a plant called “Wolffia” which is as small as a rice grain and produces world’s smallest fruit, even smaller than a grain. It floats on water.

I hope you must be very pleased to know about these interesting facts about flowers. You must have not heard about majority of them. To know more about such facts or to order any of the unique flowers click here.

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