Are You Thinking Of Buying An Android Phone? Here Are Important Things To Consider

With the vast advancement in technology, more people have found android phones to be more helpful especially for people who want to enjoy gaming. There are more than one android phones in the market today. Nowadays, people are no longer restricted to making calls and sending messages, you can use your android phone to carry out most aspects of your everyday life using your android phone. With a good android device, you can easily download and install our GTA 5 Apk in your android device and enjoy the game very comfortable. With the availability of more android phones in the market today, it becomes very difficult to find out which one suits your needs especially when you are thinking of using your device both to call, send messages and play games like GTA 5 android.

In fact, if you are still new to android world and gaming is your priority, below are factors that will help you when buying your new android.In fact, if you are still new to android world and gaming is your priority, below are factors that will help you when buying your new android:
1. Processor 
The processor and the GPU is the hub of the device and it is the most crucial aspect to look into. Processor capability can sometimes limit other processes and one of them being software updates. You should also note that, for any processor to perform well, the amount of available is very important. Moreover, as you look into the android’s processor, you should not forget to look at its technical specification as a whole.

2. Operating system
If you have found this article very interesting, I know you have already made a decision to buy an android based device, but there are many versions of operating systems and each version offers exceptional features and functions. You are therefore advised to consider an android with an operating system that will not come to a standstill as you play games or when making a call.

3. Price
The price of the android is also another factor to consider but this should not be a determinant when buying an Android device since most cheap devices lack some features which are essential especially if gaming is your priority. This can be your determinant if you have a limited budget. But you should have put a budget of the amount you would want to spend on your android device. Remember as you decide on what price range to go for, there are some devices better than others.

4. Size and display
For good display experience, it is advisable to go for at least 720p HD display. This is important especially if you would want to receive new updates or for purposes of android games. You should buy an android device with a better display. If you are using your android mainly for WhatsApp or to access and read your Facebook posts, you can choose a smaller screen. For the display machinery, there are two types in android: LCD and AMOLED, but they differ in the way they project light. LCD screens display clearer and better content when in direct sunlight whereas AMOLED display offers sharper contrast and more saturated colors. The sensitivity of the touch on your android display is also crucial.

5. Internal memory and space
Sometimes you may find the RAM of the Android device is indicated on a sticker. You should check the RAM and internal storage. For gaming purposes, you need an Android device with loads of RAM. For an incredible experience, it is advisable to go for at least 800 MB free RAM. Therefore, buy an android with more RAM. In fact, you should consider a 2 GB RAM or more android device.

If you aim at using you Android device as an external storage device for your PC for storing movies, music, files and heavy applications then you should go for a device with more than 64 GB RAM.

6.Battery life
This is another crucial feature to consider when choosing your new Android device. High-end gaming consumes battery life faster than any other apps in your android phone. Therefore, if your priority is gaming, it is good to choose a phone with good battery backup. In fact, to be on the safer side, it is advisable to buy an android phone with more than 2500aAh battery.

The above list shows some of the things you need to consider when you want to buy your Android phone. This article is helpful for beginners who wish to buy their Android phones but are confused in what to look for so as to get the best device.

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