5 Inexpensive and Successful Digital Marketing Strategies to Apply in 2019!!

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a compulsory requirement for almost all kinds of big and small business. It helps your brand to gain potential traffic by giving it a solid online presence in web and social media. Any kind of business requires quite a good amount of start-up investment and after investing so much; you will definitely not like to pay a hefty amount for Digital Marketing tools to boost up your conversion rates. So, how you are going to have the benefits of Digital marketing at affordable rates?

The following 5 Digital marketing strategies will help you out for a budget-friendly solution in 2019.

1. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting tools analyze the behavior, interests, search intents, demographics of the audience and accordingly displays ads before the viewers. For-ex- You visited a shopping website, looked for a night cream and left that website. You will often see side ads related to night creams from the same website in Google or even in Social media. The ads keep popping up unless you pay a visit to the website again and finally make up your mind to shop something. This is called retargeting. It is also given for the existing customers for newly launched products.

2. Social Media

Social media like Facebook and Instagram are currently the best platforms for business advertising and brand promotions. The networks help you put attractive advertisements at absolutely free of cost. For-ex- You can promote your products through live video sessions in Instagram and Facebook, record demonstration in Instagram IGTV videos, partner with influencers or brands to reach millions of audiences, create high-end user interaction through engaging posts, stories, videos, swipe up videos, ASA sessions, give free giveaways, organize contests and many more to draw the targeted audience to your business.

3. Pay-Per-Click Ads

This is another budget-friendly choice to draw the targeted traffic. You can bid on different keywords related to your business and make them appear in search engine results. As soon as the user clicks on the ad and gets redirected to your business website you pay a minimum fee for each click generated. This brings out the maximum targeted traffic as only the interested people click the ads. It is also known as Google Ads. In the same way, you can also generate PPC ads for the social media platform for better conversion rates.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a business ROI booster at an affordable price. The email management tools like Marketo and MailChimp are absolutely budget-friendly. It helps you with creating the email list and manage the campaign by sending persuasive customer centric emails to the prospects for converting them into customers. Make sure you have a great landing page with a call to action button and a persuasive text in the Subject not in the email body to attract the targeted prospect.

5. Use Local SEO

Local SEO is highly beneficial for drawing regional targeted leads. Register your business with ‘Google My Business’ page. Give a quality description of your business and the kind of service you provide, use pictures of your company and products, give business address, phone number, opening and closing timing with days, and a high-resolution profile picture of your business or brand. If you have existing customers, get them to post real reviews for your business. This will help your business get featured on the top 3 search packs of Google local search and attract targeted leads from your city/region.

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