Why are people choosing to buy used cars over new ones?

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The high price of new cars and even quicker depreciation of the value of these vehicles have gotten many consumers to look for other ways. One such efficient way out are used car sales as it comprises of compact options and even luxury cars like used Cruze in Bangalore. While buying used cars can have a lot of benefits, and it might seem like a great investment, the buyers still need to be smart and thoughtful with their choices. There are a lot of fraud cases and malpractices which one has to be aware of. Sometimes used cars can be sold with hidden problems and damage which can later turn into expensive issues for unsuspecting buyers. Sellers can be very shrewd and take advantage of the buyer’s lack of knowledge in the process. Some facts like these are hidden or tampered with by the seller so that they can present the car more appealing and attractive to the buyer.

What are some things that can save you from frauds in this industry?

However, there are some points which can help the buyers make the right decision by ensuring the condition and in finalizing the value before purchasing the used car. Further explained below are some important factors you must remember to avoid any fraud before buying a used car.

  • Stay away from Curbsiders: A more curbside is very predominant in the market for used cars. It is an unlicensed dealer, individual or retailer who buys the vehicles and puts it on the market for sale with a markup, instead of registering it under their name. They sometimes also hide major issues with the vehicle and misrepresent the real condition of the car to make it more appealing to the consumers.

  • Research: just like it was explained in the point mentioned above, a more curbside is very predominant in this industry, and most dealers with a small inventory are them. They can refurbish the car to hide cuts and some major issues so that it can be sold at a better price. However, this does not mean all of them are. This makes it even more important to research the dealer before finalizing the deal. You should look into their background and reputation in the market to get an even better idea. The authenticity of the dealer can also be assured by checking the dealer’s license. That being said, sometimes the cars sold can also be tampered with. If you find an amazingly mint car with an astonishingly low price, make sure to check it intensely, even go and ask the seller some questions about the car. However, if you are still not convinced, walk away, because that might be a trap. The car might have some major issues, and the seller might be trying to get away with ease.

  • Check the car history report: You should always make sure to check the details of the owner, as well as the vehicle itself. For starters, you should check the name and address of the seller and then tally it with the owner info on the vehicle registration form to see if they match. But if it’s a dealer, ask him the reason to why that car is being sold. This will help you in investing known fully and avoid any mishaps in the process. You should also tally the make, year, model, color, license plate and VIN with the ones on the registration form.

  • Check for Odometer Rollback: Tampering with the odometer is one of the most common frauds in this industry. However, there are some giveaways in such a situation. If you see any signs of scratches or cracks near the odometer, or if it shows less mileage than what the car condition says it is, that means it has been tampered with. The sellers do this so that the car shows that it has not been run much, and they can get a better price for the car.
  • The right time to pay: Much like most other transactions, you should never pay before you have verified and met the seller and seen the car in person.  And be very cautious if the price of the car sounds too good to be true.

What to do if you do not know much about cars?

In spite of all these strategies and precautions to avoid fraud, it can sometimes be slightly difficult to assess the actual condition of the car. You should always try and give the inside and outside a second inspection and take a test drive to make further sure that the car is in the same condition as it was said to be by the seller. However, there are several things that a non-specialist might not understand or be able to identify with. In such cases, they can get a professional mechanic to help them negotiate the price and know more about the condition of the car.

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