What is a Tank Truck and What It’s Used For

Tank Truck

Imagine yourself driving a tank truck down the open road. The wind touches your hair, and you are listening to truck radio shows like “Trucker Radio” or “Bandit”. You are enjoying the freedom that comes from driving this type of truck. If you still haven’t tried this experience, you probably should. If you even kind of enjoyed imagining yourself driving a tank truck, that is perhaps a career you should consider.

But first, let’s see together what a tank truck is and what it is usually used for.

What is a tank truck?

A tank truck is a type of vehicle with a large tank which is usually used to transport liquids. It is designed to meet the service requirements of specific cargos. The most noticeable characteristics of tank trucks are that they are built in a range of sizes, usually large ones. Most of them are equipped with pumping systems for loading and off-loading liquids. Their capacity is generally within an 80,000 lb gross weight limit. Smaller tank trucks can have a maximum capacity of 11,600 gallons. All in all, the maximum capacity of a tank truck varies according to the density of the liquid which is being transported. Most drivers and companies classify each tank truck based on its volume capacity and size.

What is a tank truck used for?

A tank truck with a smaller capacity can be used to transport liquid cargo throughout a community. This type of vehicles is usually used at airports to fuel an aircraft. Bigger tank trucks can be used to transport other fluids, like gasoline or liquids used in the food industry. In particular, you can use a big tank truck to transport gas to filling stations. You can also drive one to move a wide variety of other liquids, including molasses, milk, liquid sugar, wine, juices, water, diesel, gasoline, and industrial chemicals.

Although tank trucks can have different sizes, they all the same distinct shape for maximal storage capacity. Each tank truck contains several baffles to keep the fluid movements to a minimum. All the compartments help to stabilize the truck and increase transport efficiency. A tank truck can be made of various materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP).


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