An Overview of Email Tracker

In this computer age, email continues to be an efficient means of communication, allowing you to conveniently send a message to anyone across the world and the person to receive it in the shortest time possible. An email is personal and addressed directly to the receiver, which means free, fast and secure communication.

Statistics from Radicati Group show that in 2018 alone, over 281 billion (!) emails have been sent, with the count of email accounts rising to 3.8 billion, and an average person receiving and sending 40 emails per day. With such a stream of emails, very few people will spare the time to actually go through every email received every day, and so the unread emails pile up.

This issue has been reducing the efficiency of emails, with lots of emails being delivered but never opened. And if your recipient never opens the email, the number of leads generated via email will continue to fall. So how can you know if your email made the cut and got opened? Email Tracker

With Email Tracker the issue of never knowing the fate of your sent email can be solved right from your Gmail account. The tool integrates directly with the platform and offers a variety of functions: if tracks if your email was opened, when and how many times; to track the CTR, the tool also tracks link clicks; as of recently this tracker can also send your email drafts at a later time with a scheduling Send Later feature; and if you want to get a reminder about a certain email you’re particularly interested in, the tool can remind you about it! Once you set up this wonderful program, it tracks all the activities performed on sent emails and notifies you in real-time. Email Tracker is a free extension for Google Chrome browser.

How to set up Snovio Email Tracker

Snovio email tracker Chrome extension helps you detect which people are interested enough to open the emails you sent  them, and setting up this add-on is simple and straightforward:

  1. Install the extension from Chrome Web Store: open your Google Chrome browser and visit the Snovio Email Tacker page, once the page has fully loaded you will see the “Add to Chrome” button and the installation process will begin.
  2. Configure your settings: If the extension has been successfully installed, a check icon will appear at the right side of the URL input. Log into your Google Gmail account and click on the check icon, and a drop-down box will appear. Select which email account you want to track emails from and other options.
  1. Track individual emails. You can track each sent mail and this is how: while composing a message, look for the bell icon located beside the send button. Click on the icon and wait for it to change to purple. The purple bell icon means the tracking mode is active, click on the icon again to deactivate tracking mode.
  1. Start Getting Email Notifications: the extension will make a slight change to your mail appearance. For every email tracked, a symbol will appear beside it and this is what each symbol mean:
    a. A purple check mark implies the mail was delivered but not yet opened.
    b. An open envelop implies the mail has been opened.
    c. An arrow indicates the recipient has clicked a link on the email.

Email Tracker page will also tell you how many times an email has been opened, and the number of times each link in the mail has been clicked. Unlike other similar email tracking tools, Snovio does not add a signature to your sent mail. What are you waiting for? Get the free email tracking extension now or visit the Official Snovio Email Tracker webpage for more information.

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