Five ways to determine whether you need to change your mattress


No matter how durable your dear old mattress might be, at some point, you do need to replace it because it’s not like it might give you some warning before causing any damage to you or your limbs. One day you might wake up with an intolerable pain.

So before it gets any worse or even affect your health to the point of no return, you might need to find out when to replace the old mattress with a new one. If the question arises in your mind that how would you know it’s about time? Well, please continue with us to learn more.

Have you gained weight after purchasing it?

If you do have gained weight after purchasing the mattress, it is bound to affect the lifespan of your mattress no matter what mattress size it is. Even if it’s a king or queen size mattress but if you been gained a bit or started to sleep with your partner with it during the period, it’s bound to put more stress on the mattress, causing it to deteriorate faster than you might have imagined.

Your body aches after waking up in the morning.

Even If you have brought a mattress for back pain, after a certain period of time it can still cause some problem in other parts of your body like neck or your shoulder. How to tell? Well if you notice that if you ever had a refreshing morning without feeling any tightness or aching in your body when you didn’t sleep in your mattress, it’s time to consider that you should buy a new one. Because often time the comfort foam layer that comes with the mattress back pain can cause your body to get stiff and sore.

How old is it?

It might seem too obvious for you buts often we fail to consider how old mattress might have become because of its working just great and we usually we don’t start with the obvious thing. Also as a mattress might have a lifespan that’s around 7 or eight years but this isn’t always the case, and your mattress might start to deteriorate much earlier before that.

Consider the possibility of your mattress becoming unfit after using it for 6 or 7 years especially if you do find yourself facing problems like aching or being stiff than usual after waking up.

You are suffering from an increase of allergic attack.

Mattress often catches and holds an increased amount of dust which contribute causing you to have the dust allergy or any other kind of allergy even when it’s not the season for it. Especially if its several years old its bound to have lots of dust piling inside it over time.

Also, there are tiny dust mites that are notorious for can cause to increase the suffering of an asthma patient. So if you are do suffering from allergy or asthma and your mattress is six to seven years old, you need to change it and change it fast.  

It isn’t stable like it’s used to

It’s a significant sign to consider as overtime mattress loss their ability to be stable like before. The spring and the layer of foams that designed to hold up with weight and stress it goes through becomes weaker over time and with regular use, it starts to feel like more bouncy, and you can tell whether your partner is getting out of the bed or just moving from one side to side.

Or even worse, you may feel like you are bouncing back and forth with the slightest of the movement . it means the base layer of the foam is permanently damaged and you need to change the mattress before it does any permanent damage to your spine.


Changing the mattress is a big call, and it takes a bit of consideration as it involves a good amount of money. But It is important to look out for the signs mentioned above because even if you find matching with one of the signs or several, its time to say goodbye.

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