What is the Weather in Krakow

Weather is the invisible local guardian for any traveler. It can be a caring mother – or it can be an irksome in-law. Krakow’s weather is mostly predictable. And the city has charms for all seasons; just that you must know your Krakow weather before finalizing the tour itinerary.

Four Seasons

Based on the BBC weather Krakow forecasts, four seasons can be identified:

  • Spring (March–May)
  • Summer (June–August)
  • Fall (September–November)
  • Winter (December–February)

The Spring and Summer months are probably the best time to visit Krakow for first-time and leisure-seeking visitors. The Krakow temperature slowly rises during these months – from an average of 9 degree Celsius in March to 22 degree Celsius in August. It rains in Spring but often adds to the splendor.

September, when the Fall begins, also offers sunny weather.

If you are a skiing enthusiast or you want to experience traditional Christmas festivities in one of the ancient cities in Europe, you should consider a winter tour to Krakow. It will be freezing cold during winter, with the average temperature touching -3 degree Celsius in January.

Tips to Visit – Spring and Summe

What is the weather in Krakow in Spring and Summer?

The weather fluctuates from one end to the other during this period. It will be cold and chilly in March; it will be warm and bright in August. Daylight hours also gradually increase, from an average of just three hours in March to an average of seven hours in peak summer.

The period from May to September is generally regarded as the best time to visit Krakow. It is also the peak tourist season.

Krakow is known for its rainy summer. But the city houses both indoor and outdoor sightseeing attractions; so summer rains are not much of a problem. Keep an umbrella, anyways, especially if you are visiting in July.

What is the best time to visit Krakow? May be August.

The average temperature in August is around 22 degree Celsius; rainfall is relatively low; you get average six hours of daylight as well. No wonder there is an old Polish poem that says the days are “most beautiful in August”.

Tips to Visit – Fall and Winter

The peak season often extends to the first months of the Fall: September and October. Nature will bloom to its full glory during this period. This is the best time to visit the natural parks near Krakow. There will be occasional rains. This is where you need your luck with the Krakow weather.

The temperature starts dipping quickly from November. The daylight hours become shorter. November will also mark the beginning of the offseason. The fares will be lower all around, and the crowd will become thinner.

Winter comes in December. But so does the famous Christmas local market in Krakow. The temperature will be quite severe, with an average of 2 degrees Celsius. Keep suitable clothing to counter the bone-chilling cold. There are skiing outlets outside the city to keep you engaged.

If you prepare well for it, all is likely to be well – the weather in winter in Krakow may not be that irksome in-law.

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