Gaming Headset vs. Music Headset Understand the difference to buy the right product

If you are planning to go headphone shopping anytime soon, the choice on the market can be confusing. If you are not clear about your requirement, you may end up purchasing the wrong product.So, before you begin exploring headphone, understand different types of headphones on the market such as gaming headset, music headset, etc., and decide which one you want to buy. Don’t understand the difference between a gaming headset and a music headset? No problem, we’re here to help you. In this article, we’ll draw a clear comparison between gaming headsets and music headsets. Read on to know more.

Gaming headset vs. Music headset – An overview

First things first, there are two primary types of headsets – gaming headsets and music headsets. While both do the same thing, they come with unique features and functionalities that have been added to serve the right purpose.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll tell you how a gaming headset is different from a music headset. Stay tuned for lots of valuable information that’s coming your way.

Gaming headsets

The first category that we’ll be discussing here is ‘Gaming Headsets.’ Several companies such as Razer, Turtle Beach, SOMiC, and more, are manufacturing fancy gaming headsets to provide gamers with an exceptional gaming experience. Gaming headsets are further categorized as ‘gaming headsets that leverage surround sound,’ and ‘gaming headsets that leverage virtual sound’ to enhance the sound experience.

In the case of a gaming headset that uses real surround sound, the right and left headphones are loaded with drivers to provide you with a multi-channel sound experience. On the other hand, in the case of a gaming headset that uses virtual sound, a software is used to create the sound in the headset.

A significant feature of gaming headsets

Another great advantage of gaming headsets is built-in microphones that add life to multi-player games. Moreover,the quality of mics used in these gaming headsets is worth a mention.

Gaming headsets are designed in a way that makes them extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Pros and cons of gaming headsets

Here’s a quick table to help you identify the pros and cons of gaming headsets.

Pros Cons
The surround sound technology used in gaming headsets make them ideal for all kinds of gaming experiences. Heavy base and overpowering treble can spoil the gaming experience.
Gaming headsets come with superior quality built-in microphones. Gaming headsets come with very limited controls for adjusting the treble.
Gaming headsets are comfortable for longer duration games. Gaming headsets are available in limited styles, colors, and designs.

Music headsets

Music headsets are available in a plethora of colors, styles, designs, and sizes. You’ll find music headsets with different types of controls, wireless music headsets, Bluetooth music headsets,and a lot more once you begin exploring the markets or online stores.

Some of the major music headset manufacturers are Sony, Skullcandy, Bose, and SOMiC.

How are music headsets different from gaming headsets?

So, here comes the most important topic of discussion; the difference between a gaming headset and a music headset.

Difference#1 – Unlike gaming headsets, music headsets do not come with built-in microphones.

Difference#2 –The base and tuning of music headsets are far better than the base settings and tuning of gaming headsets. Since music headsets are meant for ‘music,’ they demand better clarity of sound and controlled treble for a delightful music experience.

How comfortable are music headsets?

If you are looking for a comfortable music headset, make sure you purchase the one that comes with padded headphones. Before purchasing, check if the music headset is anti-sweat and waterproof. Remember, you’ll be using them everywhere, from your sweaty gym workout sessions to your college classes. So, take some time to narrow down on the best choice and make an informed decision.

Pros and cons of music headsets

Here’s a table to provide you with a quick recap of the pros and cons of a gaming headset.

Pros Cons
Music headsets are available in different colors, designs, and styles. Music headsets do not have built-in microphone functionality.
The sound quality of music headsets is better than the sound quality of gaming headsets. Music headsets lack the virtual sound feature.
The base and treble are controlled to provide clear sound.  
Music headsets can also be used for calling. However, you’ll have to use your phone’s mic to talk.  

The takeaway

Always remember, haste makes waste.While purchasing headphones, don’t rush into making a random decision. Define the purpose and then proceed. As you’ve seen in this article, there are two types of headsets that are available on the market – gaming headsets and music headsets. Once you’ve clearly defined your purpose of purchasing the headset,you can pick the one that best suits your requirement.

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