Six Things to Look for When Choosing a Colocation

We know that colocation offers so many benefits for businesses. One of the biggest benefits of using server colocation instead of building your own data center is cost effectivity. The upfront cost of building a data center is just too big. Only established enterprises have the capability to do that when the truth is, even small companies need the support a data center can provide.

The cost of building a data center is one thing, but the owning and operating it is even more difficult and costly. Your company needs to have a dedicated IT team to handle the data center and it is just not feasible particularly in terms of cost. Data center should support your business, but owning without proper budget and team means it is your business that needs to support the data center. This is why colocation has been the best solution for this problem for so many companies all over the world.

The thing is each colocation will provide different facilities and amenities. Some are dedicated for companies that need the features of high end Tier IV data center, while some others might be more suitable for medium and small business. Since colocations are not created the same, there are some things you need to consider before choosing which colocation you want to choose. Of course the uptime, redundancy, the power and cooling system, the quality of the server, hardware and connectivity must be your first priority. But there are some other things that you also need to consider that can make sure you will get the most out of the money you spend. Here are some of them.


When it comes to choosing a colocation, actually picking a facility that is close to your company is the rule of thumb. If there is a problem with your hardware that needs to be fixed, you must be able to send someone from your company to look into the matters as fast as possible. A close location also will reduce transportation cost as well as the downtime.

However, you can neglect this rule if you have some good reasons. For example, you find an affordable colocation with excellent amenities. Furthermore, if your company is located in a disaster prone area, choosing a far facility in a safer location is actually a better idea. If the colocation is far from your company, make sure it comes with on-site support which can help troubleshoot any problems before your team arrives.

Cloud Backup Solution

You also want to check whether the colocation provides a dedicated cloud for your company or not. Speaking of cloud, there are many businesses who think that cloud is a substitute for colocation. Since renting a colo space can be expensive, they choose to forgo it and use cloud instead.

While cloud is very important, especially as a backup solution, it is not a replacement for colocation or data center. Cloud is a service. It is a tool that will help you do your business. Colocation on the other hand, it is not only a place to store data. It also involves hardware, server, connectivity, power system that will support your business. Both are different entities and it is best to take advantage of both. So, make sure the colocation company of your choice provides a cloud backup solution as one of their amenities for you.


Digital security is certainly important for a colocation. So, you certainly want to choose a company that can provide the best security for your data. But beside of that, you also want to pay attention to how much physical security you need. Physical security can vary from a simple locked box to the most complicated man trap. Make sure the colocation is able to provide the security that your company needs.


Due to the cheaper pricing, you might be tempted to choose a smaller colocation facility. However, when it comes to choosing a colo company, you shouldn’t only think about the present. You also need to consider what your company will require in the future.

Think about what your company wants to achieve and how much it will grow in the next years. As your company grows, you definitely need to upgrade your IT environment, which means the colocation facility must be able to cater that needs. Of course you can just move your company’s IT equipment to other colocation. But think about how much hassle it will bring, the time you need to spend to move your company’s data from one server to another. So, don’t forget to pay attention to the scalability factor. Furthermore, you also want to make sure that the colocation is ready to handle upgrade request anytime you want.

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