Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses (Part I)

In the end of year, all small businesses should have their most effective holiday marketing ideas to get as many customers as possible. For the high competitions in such high season, you should have some strategies to run the business marketing. Some tips below may give some ideas.

Never Ignore Mondays

Monday is the day for great deals for online shoppers to purchase everything from everywhere they are. Looking at the chance, you should ensure that your website can optimize the experience of the users in some weeks and lead to the big day. Besides, provide special discounts that will effectively increase traffic. Furthermore, make mobile app or website so the shoppers can browse your business exclusively from mobile devices. It means that you should have updated technology for the website so your business runs smoothly and more productive in this holiday marketing.

Keep the Quality of Land-Based Shops

Even though you get high amounts of customers online, you also should keep the quality service of your land-based shops. Many customers are also bargain hunters. They also often visit the real shops to find special offers. Analyze the most wanted products for your target customers and then give them best deal that is never found in another shop. If you provide coupon codes for Monday, allow the customers to use the codes until Friday so they can pick up missed items or buy more amounts of certain items.

Perks Offering to Keep Competitive

Perks will be also great advantages that can be offered for customers in holidays. The perks can be such as gift wrapping, free shipping, as well as before Christmas delivery date guaranty. Make sure that the customers know the exact time of when their order comes to their home. The realistic timeline is also crucial. To support this program, you can provide countdown feature or app in the website that allows the customers to know about the drop dates by December 25. Stock plenty packaging and shipping supplies you can deliver the orders on time.

Grip and Reward the Loyalty of Customers

The long holiday season let the customers to shop in longer time. You can make your customers return to shop more by providing reward or incentives when they are back to shop during the holiday marketing time. You can give this offer through customized messages that inform offers and discounts for frequent customers.

Stay Tune on Social Media

Social Media is a great opportunity to connect with customers personally, build relationships, and also catch the casual Newsfeed surfer’s attention. You can give special discounts or offers for the customers who give Like or follow your shop on social media. Don’t promote your business too much, use conversational and short but sweet tone instead in this holiday marketing strategy.

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