Tips to Create Animated Marketing Presentation with Powtoon

Animated marketing presentation using Powtoon

Powtoon is a presentation software product that has taken fame flight lately because of its ability to create animated marketing presentation with professional quality. If you have seen many interesting animated presentations in YouTube, with cute cartoons, professional-looking visuals and interesting information, you might wonder how you can create such videos without paying for professional designers. Powtoon is a product that helps you making professional animated presentations easily, without you having to become a designer or pay one.

5 Steps of Making Animated Marketing Presentation

Once you get a hold of using Powtoon functions, making your own animated videos is not that hard. Basically, after you get used to the features, it is as easy as making presentation with KeyNote or PowerPoint. However, video for marketing presentation needs to have clear goal and good supporting elements, so your message is delivered effectively to audiences.

Here are 5 steps of making effective animated presentation for marketing purpose using Powtoon:

  • Create a script with clear goal in each video part. For marketing purpose, your video needs to have five elements: the basic problem, the cause of (supposed) frustration that stems from the problem, what is the best solution for that problem, explanation of how your product can help, and finally call to action (test, try, order, rent or buy).
  • Create a voiceover and background. Powtoon has a timing guide to place your voiceover at the right parts, but you need to make the voiceover first. You can record your own voice using, or even hire a professional voiceover to do it, as part of your investment. Powtoon already has many options for background music, so you can get one easily.
  • Create the slides. In this step, you start dividing the slides so your presentation parts come out in good order. If you do presentation for small business, make sure the slides are short but informative, and instantly giving what the audiences want to hear without using too many filler words. Go easy with the voiceover if you are not sure; just use short but straightforward phrases to emphasize each point.
  • Add the visuals. This is more than just adding pictures on your slides. You need to make sure that the images are related to your message. Also, you need to make sure the slides are efficient; if you can use images instead of words to deliver your message, use images. This is so the audiences do not have to read too much and can quickly grasp the message.
  • Arrange how the slides come out. Make sure you make all the slides come out at the right time, and sync them as best as you can with the voiceover. Even if your marketing presentation is simple, proper slide transfers and good voiceover will make it more professional and can convince prospective customers better.

Powtoon is an animated presentation maker that is easy to use, but making the best presentation still requires proper steps and creativity. Make sure your marketing presentation is able to deliver your message effectively, no matter how simple it is.


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