3 Tips on How to Download torrent files privately?

File sharing is now everywhere and it is made so fast and handy and it has become a new world of entertainment with all types media contents. Torrent file downloading is one of the hot activities in this world. Numbers of people searching for torrent file downloading is getting increased day by day. Torrent files assure more clarity in picture and sound when compared with other types of files. But at the same time, most of the users like to hide their identity and look for the best ways to download torrent files privately.

Free from cyber crooks

There is no doubt, none of you will like to be part of cyber crooks and to face any sort of issues related to the same. Present users look for the ways to hide their identity even from some administrators who ban torrent traffic. Data security and personal identity are so important for all of the internet surfers. Your IP address is so important and at the same time keep in mind that it is accessible by the admins of internet service providers. They can track your movement and your visit made to all of the websites. You never like to this happen when your search for the torrent files. Here are some of the important ways to download the torrent files anonymously.

Tips for downloading the torrent files anonymously


This is said to be one of the simple methods for downloading torrent files even though it lacks some sort of safety features. There are both free and paid proxy servers. It is better to make use of the paid servers since the owners of the same will be decent and they won’t sell your personal data and details to any of the third parties. Proxy is the best method if you look for a quick solution to grab a movie online. When it is free ones, you can experience slow and unstable connections and it may take hours of time to download a movie with an unstable connection that demands you to start the download again and again. But sometimes it works like a gem of download options.


This is said to be one of the best and most secure solutions available to download torrent files without disclosing identity and locations. VPN, in other words, is a Virtual Private Network that has its own rules to run on the top of the internet. This network connects you with the server and website without giving your identity. Both the website and internet service provider won’t get your identity since the network connects you on its behalf to the websites. VPN is the ever best solution in terms of speed security, privacy, stability with any of activities including torrent downloading.

It is the cost of good VPN service that comes as a drawback. But when you think practically, the cost is not at all a negative factor since it gives you everything you can imagine from masking your IP, full encryption of your connection, speed and reliable connection, secure DNS request and much more. There are several VPN service providers and hence you have the freedom to select the best one that matches your budget to download torrent files with utmost safety and incredible speed.


This is another excellent service that is developed to work with torrent files only. But it requires the user to gain some knowledge on proper setup and usage of the same. Hence this is not used by most of the individual or residential users for the downloading process. This server is usually rented by a company and install a torrent client to provide access for other users based on an agreement. Hence this is not the best option for the users who are need of quick download of torrent files hiding their identity.

Even though Seedbox gives the same experience just like other options, it is more secure and faster when downloading the torrent files. This server offers SFTP to encrypt your traffic so that both the ISP and the server administrator can’t see what your download.

BTGuard and TorrentPrivacy are paid servers and Anomos is the free server used for the same purpose apart from above-mentioned options to download torrent files privately. You can make a comparison of different servers in terms of rates and features to select the best one that perfectly suits your requirements, expectations, and budget.

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