Out of Box Business Ideas You Can Start Now

People always say that it is a must for you to have unique business ideas to start a new business. But, what kind of unique ideas? There are several out of box ideas that might get you inspired. You just need to adjust the idea and fit it into your market target.

Unusual cards

There are several occasions in a year where people usually send cards to friends and family. Some people now replace the conventional cards with electronic cards for practicality reasons. In fact, you can combine this modern electronic communication through social media and conventional cards with some adjustments to create interesting business. There are several ideas to create unique cards such as colorful balls, wood logs, mugs, or other things. Instead of using conventional carton or photograph cards. You can adjust the theme due to the occasion such as Christmas, Valentine, birthday, or baby shower.

Don’t you forget about the power of social media! Building a blog or website can be the best idea to display your card collections and designs. At the same time update the site and promote your business through other social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It can be a very good marketing and get you more unique business ideas at the same time. Your customers might have huge contribution when they ask you to make customized cards for them.


unique cards2

unique cards3

Baby food business

The second out of box idea is to build a baby food business. There are a lot of people think about culinary business, how about baby food business? It can be a great idea especially for you who want to open a home-based food business. A lot of parents do not really understand how to make food for toddlers. It will be perfect of you have some medical background. You can open an interactive online consultation on your site and educate people about nutrition for baby while selling some home-made baby fresh baby food.


Photo property business

More and more people love making memories by taking photo seasons. It creates an opportunity for you to open a photo property business. You can start with common photo seasons like pre-wedding photo property such as rent unique costume or provide unique photo booth for pre-wedding photo. Then you can improve your business with more theme such as maternity photo, baby photo, personal photo.

There are a lot of ideas in this field, so where to start? It is suggested for you to start with the simpler one. For example, for you who are planning to take some pre-wedding photos, you can start preparing some properties for one or two themes and use your own pre-wedding photo as the first project to be promoted. You can also perform the same steps for other photo theme like baby or maternity photo. Since you are starting your own project, you can maintain good relation to a photographer. Don’t forget to take a lot of ‘behind the scene photos’. It is important to make documentation for each property you have and every step you take until you get one good photo. The last step, you can build a website where you can promote your project.

Photo property business

You have to keep on your mind that this photo property business is not a kind of business that will get you huge benefits instantly. It takes a long time. You have to maintain and keep promoting your business and invest more properties and costumes. It is also important for you to maintain great relation with one or two professional photographers. You also have to keep updating your unique business ideas in this field. Don’t forget to use social media to promote your idea and your business.

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