Different Types Of English Poems For Kids To Recite

English poems for kids are an entertaining way to engage children to learn about poetry written in verse that weave the poet’s emotions expressed through beautiful words. So, what makes a poem interesting for a child to recite? Poetry for children should be such that it captivates their interest about day-to-day activities and inculcates a sense of hope and joy in them.

Poetry offers kids an intellectual and sensual learning experience that stimulates their interest in the verse. At a young age, kids don’t need to read Shakespeare or Milton poems to appreciate the beautiful thoughts woven in words or understand the striking phonetic sounds of the language. You should introduce poetry to kids in such a way that it develops their interest and makes them comfortable to learn new words of the language in a fun way. The best types of English poems for kids are the ones which are filled with fun, laughter and humour that stimulates them to imagine things and learn in a creative way.

What are the different types of English poems for kids?

The benefits of poetry are immense. Recitation of poems and memorising them is a fun activity for kids that you should engage your kids to learn.  There are several types of poems such as rhyming poems, funny and emotive poems that not just render information but also makes for a delightful read. Here we enlist the different types of poetry that you should teach your child:

1. Nursery Rhymes

Children often start learning nursery rhymes even before they are able to talk. The rhythmic pattern, use of similar sounding words and repetitive words make it easier for them to memorise the lines of the poem. For instance, when you teach “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “Jack and Jill” and “Humpty Dumpty” to your child, he/she is more likely to pick it up quickly as these poems follow a musical tune and rhythm. As a result, they are able to remember the poems for a very long time.

2. Concrete Poems

Concrete poems encourage creativity in children as the main theme of such poems are depicted through images. For example, the English poem for Class 2 – “On My Blackboard I Can Draw” is an interesting poem which explains all that a kid can draw on the blackboard such as a house with a huge door, gates, chimneys, windows and marigolds resting against the wall. Such poems  display the theme of the poem in a picture and express the actual purpose of the poem through colourful images.

3. Limericks

Limericks are usually funny poems consisting of five lines that are based on a distinctly silly theme. Such poems for kids usually follow a rhyme scheme of a/a/b/b/a in a single stanza. A limerick employs one rhyme on the first, second and fifth line and contains seven to ten syllables, while the second rhyme is mentioned on the third and fourth line that contains five to seven syllables. One of the most witty limericks for kids is “Old Man with a Beard” which amuses both kids and adults alike.

Given above were some of the best examples of English poems for kids that not just stimulate your child’s imagination and senses, but also tickles your kid’s funny bone in an entertaining way. For more information on English poem for Class 2 kids or any other grade, you can subscribe to BYJU’S today and visit our Kids Learning section to explore a plethora of resources for kids. We provide an intriguing learning experience for your kids that will surely motivate them to exhibit interest in their lesson and they’ll be more than eager to learn new things in an artistic manner.

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