000webhost- The Best Web Hosting Free Service Among the Rest

With the development of web technology and software, anyone can design a webpage in no time. It requires the most basic knowledge of web design, and sometimes it just requires a bit of common sense. But regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert in web designing, a webpage would have no significance if it is not published or hosted by a proper web host so that others can see it. Web hosting services are expensive, but various companies offer these services for free. If you want to starting your own website today, there are a lot of free web hosting companies out there, but you need to be very careful while selecting a free hosting service, since a bad web host would decrease your view count. There are two free web host companies that you can choose. One is Awardspace, and another is 000webhost.

Both of them are the free hosting company that has hosted a lot of small websites on the internet over the years. They offer an unbeatable range of services at 0$ with no advertisements. Moreover, you can also avail their premium packages as they contain additional privileges.

Features of 000webhost

However, when considering which of these two would be best for you, it is always wise to choose 000webhost.com. Even though the premium package contains extra benefits, the free package offers superior features as compared to the free package offered by Awardspace. Judge it yourself.

  1. Wide Range of Database Support

000webhost supports a large number of databases like MySQL and PHP, along with other databases like Curl, Zend, GD2, XML, PHP sockets, fopen(), loncube, htaccess Loader, and more. The unique feature of this free web host is that it supports cPanel whereas Awardspace does not have cPanel support.

  1. Easy Website Builder

The 000webhost has a very flexible webpage builder which can be operated without any knowledge of website building. You need to drag and drop the web elements to install them. You can make web elements like the gallery or a contact form with this easy website builder.

  1. 1-Click WordPress Installation

000webhost enables you to install the CMS scripts with hassle-free. You require little to almost no knowledge of web development to install WordPress coding and scripts since this feature offered by 000webhost enables you automatically and easily install a large WordPress script in an instant and with no hassle at all. It offers almost over 55 popular scripts which enable your website to turn into a great resource and attract more viewers. In comparison, Awardspace does not support 1-Click WordPress installation.

  1. Daily Backup Facility

You never know when something might go wrong with your website. This could lead to loss of data. If you do not have a backup of your website, the data loss can be permanent. 000webhost enables daily backup where your data backups automatically and hence you do not have to worry about manually doing it every time. Awardspace, however, does not support daily backup.

  1. 99.99% Uptime

Uptime percentage determines how much or for how long does a site remain active during maintenance work. It determines how efficiently a web hosting service can keep your website running smoothly. 000webhost is one of the few companies that not only guarantees a 99.99% uptime but also has a way to prove it to you. You can check their uptime monitoring system that will give you information about how long your website remains active.

  1. Large Disk Space and Bandwidth

It is surprising that a free web host like 000webhost can offer such an impressive bandwidth and disk space. The free plan offers a 1500 MB disk space with a bandwidth of 100 GB. In comparison, Award space offers only 250 MB disk space and a 5GB bandwidth. It is recommended to choose a web host offering a larger bandwidth as it will help you run your website smoothly during traffic hours.

  1. Email Support

The most impressive feature of this web host is that it provides you with email support. It enables you to edit your MX entry which you will be able to publish your emails through other apps like Google. It also supports mail function in the PHP version which means that you send mass emails to users who subscribe or follows your website.

  1. Impressive Customer Support

No wonder 000webhost is one of the top rated free web hosts on the internet. It not only gives amazing services but also provides solutions for any technical problem or errors that you can face while handling your website. It has a large number of solutions to most WordPress errors and also has a community where other users can provide their solutions to your problems. In comparison, Awardspace has limited customer support.

The drawback of the free package is that it has very basic security support. If you have long-term plans for your website and want it to keep functioning while having good protection against cyber threats, you should check their premium plans.

Packages And Pricing

  1. Free Web Hosting: It gives you the basic benefits for a novice website which includes a 1 GB disk space and almost a 10000 MB bandwidth.
  2. Premium-Silver Web Hosting: This offers you almost an unlimited bandwidth and disk space and hosts unlimited websites. This is good for you if you are planning to make your website live longer.
  3. Business-Gold Web Hosting: It has the benefits same as the premium silver package and offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space. It also gives you better security benefits and does not let your website sleep.

Ultimately the decision lies in your hands. You are your best judge, and hence you can choose whichever web host you find most suitable for your needs. However, as a general opinion, 000webhost is way better as compared to Awardspace in its features. So if you are a novice looking for a free method of hosting your website, you should opt for 000webhost for balanced features.

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