What are prerequisites to become a lawyer in Singapore

What are prerequisites to become a lawyer in Singapore

A law degree will improve your employability factor by developing an understanding of criminal behaviour and its origins. You’ll acquire a solid grounding in both legal and criminological principles including practical professional skills, subject-specific abilities, intellectual skills, and general transferable skills.

If you are interested in serving the people by defending their rights in the court of law, then start your journey by pursuing a law degree. How about a diploma in law Singapore? You will be equipped with an in-depth understanding of state, federal, and local rules, evidentiary laws, court procedures, and local judges to navigate the justice system efficiently and competently.

This blog will take you through the prerequisites to become a lawyer in Singapore:

  • Education: Students who wish to pursue their career as a lawyer in Singapore need to obtain a minimum of bachelor’s or a master’s degree in law. A law degree encompasses a wider range of subject areas paving a way for professionals to get settled in diverse fields. Organizations worldwide hire law graduated to sort their legal documentation and keep their business in synchronization with the legal procedures of a particular nation. Amazon, Uber, Health-cart, and other multinational firms hire law graduates to settle their legal obligations for operational success. If you are a student coming from a foreign country, you need to check with the law institutions that are recognized by the Law Society of Singapore and it must be from a list of foreign accredited law institutions. 
  • Bar exam: To practice law in Singapore, one has to go through a series of exams, popularly known as the bar exam. This exam comprises of two parts as part A and part B. Local students with a degree in Law are required to pass the part B of the Bar exam while as the students coming from nations other than Singapore with a law degree are required to clear both the rounds. They must appear and pass both the rounds of the Bar exam. Part A of the Bar exam is conducted by the National University of Singapore (NUS) under supervised legal practise for six months to let them understand the Singaporean framework. The part B of this exam comprises of 7 courses which are to be cleared over 5 months. Part B is conducted by the Singapore Institute of Legal Education. 
  • Opt for legal courses: Nowadays, educational institutions are coming up with integrated degree courses to let students understand the dynamics of different subject areas to cater to a specialized stream. These specialized streams help students in gaining knowledge of both subjects so that they can connect between different zones of study by highlighting unifying concepts and cutting across focal lines. It’s a great way to gain skills in two different fields.
  • Basic requirement: To qualify as an advocate or a solicitor in Singapore, six months supervised legal training period is an essential part of the job role. Students have to clear both the exam as well as complete their training for a prospective career in Singapore. 

It is a highly specialized, rewarding, and revered field of study. There lies a goal at the core of the justice system, to keep the individuals, families, and communities safe. You can advocate for victims of crime, assist in solving crimes, counsel, rehabilitate criminals, and help to prevent crime in your community.

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