How to Make Smoked Salmon in an Electric Smoker

understanding the proper method to do any task is called perfection and when you follow every instruction properly then you will be able to get an outcome that you expected.

The same is the case with recipes as when you follow the proper procedure provided in a recipe then you can easily cook that meal and enjoy it. So, today we are going to discuss the procedure to cook Smoked Salmon in an Electric Smoker

In this article, we are going to cover most of the topics that are related to smoking on an Electric Smoker so if you want to learn how to make smoked Salmon on an Electric Smoker then you have clicked on the right article because we are going to keep it short and informative. If you are intrigued by this and want more then visit our Website.

Why you Should use Electric Smoker to Smoke a Salmon:

First, let’s start this article with this question that why you should use an Electric Smoker to make a Smoked Salmon why not a gas smoker? The answer is simple yet appealing Electric Smoker is easy to operate. 

No this is not it, mostly when it comes to Electric Smokers then they offer you the flexibility to choose between hot or cold smoking and when it comes to smoking salmon then it is done through the cold smoking procedure. This outcome is commonly known as Lox, and the salmon is smoked from 65°F to 85°F. When you are preparing the lox then you should consider directing the smoke in the chamber where the salmon is placed. This is the key that most people forget. As this way salmon ks not exposed to the heat directly it is concealed and exposed to them through the smoke that’s what cold smoking means.

When it comes to hot smoking temperatures they vary from 125 – 175°F and they create a meal that js completely cooked not partially.

Though salmon can be made from both of these two methods every method follows a step lf.procedure that you need to follow in order to get the perfect results in Smoked Salmon.

How to Make Smoked Salmon in an Electric Smoker:

Now: here comes the question that you are waiting for how you can make this wonderful imagination work? Well, it is quite simple yet confusing, I mean that you should pay attention to this description if you want to make sure you don’t mess up while making the Smoked Salmon.

Now there are two traditional ways through which the pre-smoking marination material ks prepared. One is brining and another one is Curing. In either method, marination time can be 12 hours as it is enough to marinate the salmon with the materials.


This method is in play when you leave the fish in the solution of water, salt, sugar. And you must leave it up to 12 hours to get all the materials soaked in with the fish as it will give proper taste and texture on both outside and inside of the fish.


Now: as far as the curing goes this is rather simple than brining as you are just putting the fish in a solution of water and salt and again leave it for 12 hours for the same purposes.

If you need flavor then you can add spices in both of the methods to add a hindrance of added taste. But make sure that you completely dry the salmon before inserting it into the smoker and by drying I mean not from the solution you need to rinse the solution because it has reached its core and if you don’t rinse it then you might feel it more overcooked or over-spiced. So after rinsing it dry it out and then insert it in the smoker.

Coming towards the smoker now you need to be extra careful when you have entered the fish inside the smoker. Why? Because most of the time if the temperature is high then it might be ready in just 30 minutes and of you not take that into consideration then it might be overcooked and it would taste like acrid flavor and that can ruin it.

So, be sure that you have an eye over it and if you want to cook it for a long time then you should add some wood chips now and then so that exaggerated smoke passes through the vents and does not harm the salmon. But it also seems like blowing off then you should turn down the heat a bit to control the temperature of the smoker and preserving the Salmon.

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